A variety of unconfirmed reports indicate that Dutchess indigenous Black octopus Crew — whose real name is Cristana Lattimore — was allegedly responsible because that a significant multi-car accident the left one man dead and also another with serious injuries.

The accident in question taken place at approximately 1:30 this past Monday morning. Follow to Charlotte news station WCNC, “at least 5 vehicles, including a motorcycle and a tractor-trailer, were affiliated in the crash.” your report says that “a mrs driving a 2015 Mercedes” on interstate 85 hit a disabled truck, which sent out debris flying throughout the highway.You are watching: Caesar from black color ink crew auto accident

The motorcyclist then hit the debris, lost control of his vehicle, and was thrown.

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The driver of the car behind the motorcyclist stopped and also began pulling the male out the harm’s way. But when a tractor-trailer “attempted to protect against hitting man’s automobile by swerving come the right,” the hit and also killed the motorcyclist.

Only the motorcyclist has so far been identified. (One various other driver was required to Carolinas Medical center with what WCNC called “serious injuries.”) Dutchess native Black Ink only became linked to the man’s fatality after a flood of comments on her Instagram page suggested she was the woman responsible for hitting the disabled truck and also scattering the debris that started the chain that events.See more: Fll to Hnl Flights - Cheap Flights From fort Lauderdale to Honolulu

Dutchess has actually yet to respond to the allegations, despite she has actually turned off comments ~ above Instagram as of her most recent post. Additionally, we checked v the Mecklenburg county Sheriff’s Office, and found no arrest documents for anyone called Cristana Lattimore indigenous the last 3 years. So, if Dutchess to be responsible because that the accident, she wasn’t charged through anything at the scene.

We also tried to discover out whether Dutchess drives a 2015 Mercedes (which, it should be noted, would not it is in conclusive evidence). The only photo that Dutchess behind the wheel of a automobile that we might find originates from an Instagram write-up dated December 18, 2014, which was after Mercedes’ 2015 cars would have shipped. But the photo just shows component of the car:

However, the does look favor the concave door attributes in the above photo enhance those of practically every car sold by Mercedes in 2015.

Again, despite — nobody of this is conclusive.

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We can’t to speak for certain what form of car Dutchess indigenous Black Ink drives; we additionally know she wasn’t arrested in ~ the step of Monday’s crash, something that would be extremely unusual through such a huge accident. (WCNC’s report no state whether the driver that the Mercedes stopped after hitting the truck or ongoing to drive under the Interstate.)