The ΔG°′ of the reaction is −7.500 kJ·mol−1. Calculate theequilibrium constant for the reaction at 25 °C.

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What is ΔG for the reaction at body temperature (37.0 °C) if theconcentration of A is 1.7 M and the concentration of B is 0.65M?



Attempt 9

Consider the data in the table.

CompoundMelting point (°C)ΔHfus (kJ/mol)Boiling point (°C)ΔHvap (kJ/mol)

Using the data in the table, calculate ΔSfus and ΔSvap forHCl.





Determine the entropy change when 9.00 mol HCl(g) condenses atatmospheric pressure.

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wer en integration and wetting kinit from I, is B AH' 0.455 X8-314x313x363 50 AH = 8.596X10 Jmol.) Scanned with CamScanner
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