Calculate Kp for each reaction.a. N2O4(g)2 NO2(g) Kc = 5.910-3 (at 298 K)b. N2(g) + 3 H2(g)2 NH3(g) Kc = 3.7 * 108 (at 298 K)c. N2(g) + O2(g)2 NO(g) Kc = 4.10 * 10-31 (at 298 K)

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So this difficulty gives us number of equations and also their K C equilibrium Constance and also wants united state to discover their KP. And so first, we have the right to write the relation between these therefore k p equates to K C times. Artie, where room is the gas continuous and T is the temperature to the delta end, which is the variety of moles of product minus the variety of most reacted. And also so we'LL begin with Letter A and also the chemistry equation is end to five for gas reversible e forms to N o come gas. And also it offers us a casey the five point nine times ten come the minus 3rd and a temperature of 2 ninety eight Calvin. And so we deserve to plug numbers right into our KP equation. For this reason we have five suggest nine time ten come the minus third, and then our our worth is zero allude zero eight to one at times or temperature come ninety eight. And then, in this situation we have actually two mole of product and also one mole the reactant so 2 minus one is one. Therefore it's just this to the first. And also when we solve this, we gain that our KP is zero point one 4 four. Therefore now relocating on to letter B. This time we have an equation and also two gas plus three h to gas reversible e forms to N H. 3 gas. We have actually a Casey the three point seven times, ten come the eighth, and again, a temperature of 2 ninety eight. Calvin. And so again, if us plug into our KP equation, us take ours Casey three allude seven time ten to the eighth. Multiply that by ours gas consistent zero allude zero eight to one time or temperature come ninety eight. Calvin. And in this case, we have actually two mole of product and also formals reacted. Therefore we'LL take it this Artie to the an adverse too. And when we witnessed for this, we gain our new K ns to it is in six allude one eight times ten to the fifth. And also that's your final answer for letter B. Here, permit me Aah! Six suggest eight time ten come the fifth. So currently moving ultimately into letter C, we have finish to gas to add O come gas forms two and also oh, gas. Our casey is four suggest one time ten to the minus thirty very first and again, our temperature is come ninety eight, Calvin. Therefore we usage that very same equation We'LL start with our Casey four allude one zero time ten to the an unfavorable thirty very first are our values zero suggest zero eight come one our temperature to ninety eight Calvin. And also this time we have actually a zero below because and I'll actually compose this together ah, right. This together one one or 2 minus two We have two mole of product and also then one shopping mall of every of these reactant ce So two moles of reacting.

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And also so now this R T worth goes come one and also r K ns is thie exact same as ours Casey. And also so that is our last answer native Battersea.