While Stalker 2: heart Of Chernobyl will have a lot larger civilization than its predecessors, over there won’t be any kind of vehicles obtainable to the players this time, GSC Game civilization has confirmed. There is a great reason behind this from the lore perspective the fans that the collection will surely understand.

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The studio’s PR manager Zakhar Bocharov has talked about Stalker 2’s open-world environment and also its distinctive features in a brand-new interview with DTF. When Bocharov was an extremely secretive around the project, he explicitly evidenced that heart Of Chernobyl will not have any vehicles or control sequences, for much better or worse.

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Bocharov said the dimension of the map in love Of Chernobyl will certainly be massive, more than 64 square kilometers. However, football player cannot regulate vehicles for fast-travel purposes, together there are numerous dangers in the Zone and also you require to relocate slowly and also carefully while experimenting it. The human being of Stalker is recognized for its rough anomalies that have the right to randomly generate in new areas. Making use of a vehicle under those problems is not a very wise move. The PR manager added that a fast-travel system would be accessible to the football player in Stalker 2, yet in one “unusual way.”

Bocharov additionally said no planned attributes were cut from Stalker 2 during the course of development. For the record, vehicles were planned because that the an initial game Stalker: zero of Chernobyl earlier in 2007, only to be reduced prior to the final release for assorted reasons. The contents was partially restored in the PC-version by different user mods.

If you interested not only in shoot stuff yet in driving through a setting like this, you may want to save an eye because that Atomic Heart. This first-person shooter native Russian devs previously obtained official screenshots through a protagonist behind the wheel.

Stalker 2: love Of Chernobyl will certainly be among the biggest games ever before coming indigenous Ukraine with much more than 300 human being working ~ above the shooter. The game will function full English, Russian, and Ukrainian voice-over straight at launch, so the is possible to pick native dubbings because that a more immersive experience.

Stalker 2: heart Of Chernobyl will launch on April 28, 2022. The location is comes to PC and Xbox collection X|S via game Pass on work one, but the PS5-version that the video game will just arrive at the very least three month later.


Source: DTF

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