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There have been recent reports of ours customers gift targeted by scammers. Learn what to look out for.


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We"ll affix you to the answer you room looking for, just tell us just how we can help. Our practically self-service options, live chat and customer care representatives are below to help you find what friend need.

By phone
We are right here for you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week:Main Line602-371-7171 (800-253-9405)Credit Line602-371-7607 (800-253-9409)Payment Line602-371-6555 (866-776-0445)Website Support602-371-5775 (800-659-2975)Outage Hotline (Available 24/7)602-371-3680 (855-688-2437)Our teams listed below are accessible weekdays native 7:30am come 5pm:Business Line602-371-6767 (800-253-9407)Solar Line602-216-0318 (800-659-8148)Construction Helpline602-371-6140
by chat, email or letter
ChatOur residential live chatis easily accessible anytime between 7am and also 7pm on weekdays. For aid with solar, business, or building and construction questions, please use the phone number listed.EmailEmail usanytime. We strive to respond to every emails in ~ 1-3 service days. Currently, we room experiencing a high volume of emails. For immediate help, please chat or speak to us. Say thanks to you for her patience.MailYou can mail a an individual check, cashier"s check or precious money order to:medtox.orgPO crate 37812Boone, IA 50037-0812Please be certain to include your 10-digit account number on her payment.All other written mail have the right to be sent to:medtox.orgMS 3200PO crate 53933Phoenix, AZ 85072-3933
• make a payment online• Start, stop or relocate service• Send united state a document• collection up a payment arrangement• gain information about power outages• discover service arrangement information• Learn around assistance programsIf these are not the choices you are looking for, visit our help and support pagefor rapid answers to your questions.

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If you check out a downed power line or exposed electrical equipment, please continue to be 100 feet away and also call 911. Then contact us in ~ 602-258-5483 (800-253-9408).