Cataract surgery is just one of the safest and most routine steps performed today. Yet like any surgery, over there are details precautions to take it before and afterward come ensure her safety and also well-being.

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If you have travel plans after your scheduled cataract surgery, or if you space thinking of traveling quickly after your procedure, you might question whether it is safe to perform so.

Dr. Gregory Pamel defines how shortly you have the right to travel after cataract surgery in this post.

Driving after Cataract Surgery

You will not have the ability to drive yourself house from cataract surgery because the surgery requires anesthesia. It will take time because that the results of the medication to stay off.

You deserve to resume driving as shortly as you feel comfortable doing so. Most patients find that their vision improves significantly 24 hours after surgery and they feel confident safely acquiring behind the wheel.

If Dr. Pamel provides a details recommendation for you about when to resume driving ~ surgery, you must follow these instructions. He may advise you come wait a little bit longer prior to getting behind the wheel, simply to be safe.

If you space planning an overnight roadway trip, be certain to load your eyedrops, any kind of other medications prescribed through Dr. Pamel and also your eye shield to safeguard your eyes as you sleep.

Flying after Cataract Surgery

There space no safety threats to flying after cataract surgery. The altitude and pressure inside an airplane cabin will certainly not damage your eyes.

Air travel have the right to dry the end your eyes, though, so you will want to pack some eye autumn in her carry-on luggage. Nothing forget your various other medications and also your eye shield.

Follow Up through Dr. Pamel after Cataract Surgery

The biggest consideration concerning travel after cataract surgical procedure is whether your plans will interfere through your follow-up care.

Expect to visit Dr. Pamel’s office the day after your cataract surgery and again 5 to eight days after surgery. During these visits, Dr. Pamel will certainly evaluate your eyes come ensure they space healing properly. That will additionally look for any kind of signs the complications.

Of course, our office is really accommodating of ours patients’ needs and also will job-related with you come schedule this visits about your travel plans as finest we can.

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