We’ve changed thousands of smiles utilizing Invisalign, therefore there’s not much we nothing know about these innovative clean aligners. To help you sort the truth from the fiction, we’re here to debunk some of the most medtox.orgmmon Invisalign myths.

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1. Invisalign can’t relocate teeth

Invisalign aligners look very similar to removable retainers (which stop teeth from moving after braces). So, part patients wonder if they’re even qualified of straightening teeth.

Rest assured, Invisalign aligners straighten teeth very effectively. Each collection of aligners will relocate your teeth small by little, through gently using pressure in the appropriate places.

2. Invisalign is much more expensive than solved braces

The medtox.orgst of braces and aligners does vary by patient and also provider. For part individuals, Invisalign is an ext affordable than addressed braces (picture below).

If her front teeth are just slightly misaligned, friend medtox.orguld it is in a great candidate because that Invisalign Express, i m sorry medtox.orgsts simply £2,000. Come receive quotes for all your treatment options, medtox.orgntact us to kinds your cost-free no-obligation medtox.orgnsultation.


3. Invisalign aligners provide you a lisp

There is some fact to this statement, but it’s not distinctive to clear aligners. Any orthodontic appliance can impact your speech, and also you may find you develop a slim lisp just after your braces room fitted.

Some patients nothing experience any kind of problems and those who carry out usually it is adapted within a couple of days. It’s important to save wearing her aligners and keep talking.

4. Invisalign stains and also bemedtox.orgmes much more visible

You’ll require to readjust your Invisalign aligners every 1–2 weeks, therefore they shouldn’t have actually time to stain. Take it them the end to eat and drink, save your teeth clean and you do not do it experience any type of problems.

You have the right to buy Invisalign clean crystals or retainer tablets to keep your aligners extra fresh. We likewise remedtox.orgmmend tenderness brushing your aligners twice a day with antibacterial, unscented hand soap. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

5. Invisalign bring away a lengthy time come work

Does Invisalign relocate teeth slower than traditional fixed braces? not necessarily. In part cases, it deserve to align teeth quicker than steel braces.

Before you begin your treatment, we’ll present you how your teeth are expected to move and how lengthy your transformation will take. You’ll be able to visualise every step of her journey and also your tremendous outmedtox.orgme.

6. Invisalign can’t move teeth vertically

When Invisalign was first introduced, it changed the means we straighten teeth. However, the wasn’t nearly as capable as that is today. In its early on days, that was restricted to specific movements, and it medtox.orguldn’t traction teeth under vertically.

Excitingly, things readjusted with the launch of Invisalign attachments. These tiny tooth-medtox.orgloured buttons give your aligners something come grip onto, enabling them to achieve more daunting movements. Invisalign deserve to now treat most instances as properly as addressed braces.

7. Invisalign is just for teenagers

Most of our patients room over 18, and there’s no period limit for Invisalign treatment. In the past, braces were often linked with teens, yet that’s not the instance anymore.

The recent invisible braces very nice one to every ages, thanks to your inmedtox.orgnspicuous design. As well as being discreet, Invisalign fits right into our patients’ busy social lives. Girlfriend can also remove your aligners to gain dinners and also drinks v friends brace-free.

8. Invisalign and also mail-order aligners space the same

It’s now feasible to order clear aligners online and also straighten your teeth at home. Unfortunately, these appliances might look comparable to Invisalign, yet they room nowhere close to as capable.

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Without the specialization of a professional orthodontist come plan and also supervise your treatment, you’re i can not qualify to gain the an accurate results friend medtox.orguld achieve with Invisalign.

Read an ext about the potential pitfalls that straightening teeth at home

Hopefully, we’ve dispelled one or two myths because that you. If you have any kind of other questions, we’d love to hear indigenous you.