Change is beautiful. We all desire to change ourselves every now and then. From our shoes, come our clothes, approximately the shade of our hair: we just want come mix things up every now and then. This whole process of trial and error helps us uncover what styles we favor seeing on ourselves – what works, and also what doesn’t.

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But once you’re thinking around bleaching your hair, yes no room for “trial and error”. You must make certain that whatever is perfect, in stimulate to obtain the best results for your smooth, flow hair. You additionally want to avoid damaging her hair.

So what if the very first bleaching process doesn’t go also well? What wake up if things don’t operation so smoothly? have the right to you do the process all end again, and also pretend it never ever happened?

Today we’re going to answer a really common query – one the many civilization ask prior to bleaching their hair: “Can i bleach my hair twice?”

To give you a fast answer to the question: Yes and no.

can You Bleach her Hair Twice?
1. Why you Should take into consideration Hair Bleaching
​2. Exactly how Hair Bleaching Works
3. Proper Hair Bleaching: just how to perform It without Damaging her Hair
​Some things to Remember

1. Why girlfriend Should think about Hair Bleaching

Bleaching is fairly a fragile process, and also we’re gonna have actually to define to you just how it works prior to we can fully detail why the a “yes” and also “no” as soon as it pertains to bleaching twice.

We’re simply going to get it out of the way: bleaching can damage your hair, yet only if it’s done incorrectly.


Done well, it deserve to transform her hair and give it the beautiful blonde look at you’ve constantly wanted. Like we claimed earlier, readjust is beautiful.

And if you desire to change your hair shade from any other shade to platinum blonde, bleaching is the best thing because that you.

For those that you who aren’t familiar with hair bleaching, that is the procedure of changing the the shade of her hair to a lighter one. Basically, if you desire a darker hair color, every you need to do is color it with particular dyes.

But if you want to adjust the shade and get the reverse effect (change dark hair come a lighter shade), you’re going to go v hair bleaching. Currently how exactly does it work?

2. How Hair Bleaching Works

Unlike hair coloring, bleaching actually takes away the color of her hair through a process known together oxidation. It gets rid of the pigment in your hair shaft, hence making the a few shades lighter 보다 your vault hair color.


A bleaching agent, additionally known together an oxidizing agent, is supplied in the process. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are two the the most frequently used bleaching agents, although they are often mixed together for a much more stable solution.

Now, based on what you’ve review so far, you can probably phone call why we’re warning you about potentially damaging your hair. Even those manufacturers that insurance claim their product is “peroxide-free” will often contain some various other oxidizing agent the will do the exact same thing and also cause the same damages to your hair.

So at the end of the day, it comes under to exactly how you usage the bleaching agent, rather than what bleaching certified dealer you use.

3. Ideal Hair Bleaching: exactly how to do It there is no Damaging her Hair

Depending ~ above what shade her hair right now has and what volume that bleaching agent you decide to use, you deserve to only obtain a particular level the lightening done. You won’t instantly obtain to platinum blonde if you desire to have a for sure bleaching experience. She gonna have to do that one step at a time: suppose to gain at least three shades lighter every bleach.


So come answer her question: can I bleach mine hair twice? The answer is yes, you deserve to bleach it twice – and you will certainly probably have actually to. But no, girlfriend can’t carry out it twice in a row.

Do no bleach her hair an ext than when a job if you want to keep your hair safe and also healthy. Bleaching it double can reason breakage. And also if her hair breaks, climate what will you have actually left to bleach?

Hair care is our height priority here. For finest results, do not bleach her hair more than as soon as in a period of one week. Enable your hair to remainder after the very first bleaching process.

Let it breath. In fact, one mainly is the minimum. Take treatment of your hair, let it remainder for one or therefore weeks, and also then get earlier to bleaching. Repeat the process.

You must make certain to execute it gradually. Occupational your means to the blonde shade the you want. The crucial here is in being patient.​

​Some things to Remember

Make sure you’re no rushing things: change always comes gradually, ~ all.

Another thing: once you room done with the very first bleaching treatment, you need to follow the up v some toner as well as repairing treatments. Remember, you simply took away few of your hair’s color, for this reason there’s bound to it is in some tension in those areas.

Repair it v the best shampoo treatments and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet to keep your hair in the finest shape.

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Learn about peroxide volumes and hair color in order to determine which bleaching certified dealer will offer you the finest results.Perform the bleaching therapy quickly, as this will lessen the chance of getting uneven results.After bleaching, monitor up through some toner.Let it rest for a main or so before attempting to bleach again.