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Long flights, sweaty bus rides, and tropical climates will make you longing for a shower, however that’s no always feasible while traveling. A smarter alternative would it is in to take your favorite perfume v you, for this reason you deserve to avoid part embarrassment. In this post, we’ll tell you every little thing you have to know about bringing perfume and also cologne top top planes. We’ll additionally teach you just how to properly fill perfume to avoid spills, allow you recognize why it’s a smarter choice to load perfume within of hand luggage, and also teach you everything about duty-free perfume.

Can You lug Bottles the Cologne or Perfume top top a Plane?

According come the TSA (Transport defense Administration), perfume and also cologne are enabled on airplane in hand luggage and checked baggage. There is no size limit for confirm luggage, but if you’re packing her perfume in hand luggage, you have to follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule. Essentially, the 3-1-1 dominance dictates that liquids in hand luggage have to be in 3.4 oz (100 ml) party or less. Each passenger deserve to have just one quart-sized, transparent zip-lock bag, and all of their liquids and also gels need to fit inside. If you’re pass perfume in your carry-on, you’ll need to store the in the exact same bag along with your toiletries.

Having said that, utilizing too lot perfume before your flight or throughout the trip is very unadvisable. Although it’s not illegal, it can cause irritation and annoyance to human being who room sitting beside you, specifically if they have actually allergies or asthma. Ours advice is come use only a tiny amount of subtly scented perfume to stop annoying other passengers.

How lot Perfume can You take it on a Plane?


If you have actually any tiny test samples the perfume, the ideal chance to usage them is ~ above vacation because the small test vial is generally made the end of plastic and won’t spill. If friend have any of this small, plastic vials lying roughly the house, it may be a an excellent idea to to fill up one with your favourite perfume. If not, you deserve to order refillable take trip perfume containers top top Amazon. They’re advantageous when you’re happen perfume for personal use throughout the vacation. One little bottle should conveniently last girlfriend a few weeks, i beg your pardon is more than enough for a vacation.

But if you’re happen perfume in the original glass bottle, it’s essential to load your perfume properly, both in checked luggage and also carry-on. If girlfriend don’t carry out that, you could find that it spills or leaks inside of her luggage. It’s likely to ruin all of your clothes, electronics, foods, and everything will smell like your perfume. The smell is almost impossible to acquire out, so you better pack well!

Here’s exactly how you perform it:

First the all, ensure the your perfume bottle is sealed properly.Put each perfume bottle inside a different zip-lock bag and seal it tightly. Some prefer to save their perfume in two zip-lock bags for additional security. A pretty trick because that ensuring a proper seal is to suck the air the end of the zip-lock bag with your mouth come ensure vacuum-like conditions.If packed in confirm luggage, wrap that in garments or balloon wrap and also place it near soft objects in your luggage. Prevent placing it close to the walls.If inserted inside hand luggage, load your sealed perfume along with your various other toiletries in the transparent, quart-sized zip-lock bag. Wrap the bag of toiletries in clothes, and also place it in her hand luggage. Avoid placing it next to tough objects and also the walls.

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What around Duty-Free Perfume?

Whenever you’re flying, girlfriend will discover duty-free perfume in every solitary airport. They’ll try to sell it to you before you board, throughout the flight, and after friend land. Periodically you can find great deals there, but more often than not, they’re overpriced. If you carry out decide to obtain duty-free perfume, friend don’t need to follow the 3-1-1 rule. If you acquisition the perfume in the duty-free plane shops or through the airline, friend can carry it separately and also won’t have to store that inside her hand luggage.

There’s one thing you need to keep in mind, specifically if girlfriend don’t have actually any much more space in your quart-sized bag, or you’re buying a perfume that’s bigger than 3.4 oz. You should constantly purchase duty-free perfume before or throughout your last flight if you’re flying more than once. That’s due to the fact that you can carry duty-free item in addition to her hand luggage only for the very first flight. If you had actually purchased perfume end 3.4 oz ~ above your an initial flight, you would then have to inspect it in before your second flight. Unfortunately, the isn’t possible if your checked bag is automatically transferred. Also, always keep the receipts for duty-free items because airlines will ask because that it prior to boarding.

Is Duty-Free Perfume Cheaper?

The real answer is the duty-free perfume isn’t constantly cheaper. Return duty-free tobacco and alcohol are cheaper, you will certainly likely uncover that many other items aren’t. Occasionally, you deserve to find good deals, however you need to do part thorough research. It helps to have your phone handy to search. That course, girlfriend won’t be able to do that during a flight, so if you desire to acquire duty-free perfume from airlines, it might be worth it come look up your perfume price on your website before the flight.

Can You usage Your Perfume throughout the Flight?

You’re enabled to lug perfume onto her flight, so you might want to use it if you’re in the air. When this isn’t technically versus the rules, you might want to reconsider prior to you whip the end of your bottle. Placed yourself in the position of others about you on the flight. Imagine one of them takes a party of cologne or perfume out and starts spraying themselves. What if girlfriend can’t was standing the means it smells? Or what if you uncover out the day that you’re allergic to one of the ingredients? friend can’t specifically open a home window to air the aircraft out! It’s an extremely common for civilization with asthma to have actually severe reactions to perfume.

If you need to spritz yourself while you are on the plane, take into consideration doing for this reason in the bathroom. Use a minimal amount and wait in the bathroom for a while come let the airplane cycle the end the smell. If girlfriend use as well much, girlfriend can always use part water and also a paper towel come wipe off your skin. The reality is the we’re not likely to notice overpowering fragrant on our bodies however other people certainly will. Store this in mind before you decide to spray!

Are over there Perfumes That are Unoffending?

There space some far better options out there once it concerns using perfume while traveling. Consider these tips before you use your perfume or cologne.

Avoid chemical-based fragrances as they have the right to contain ingredients choose phthalates the can cause headaches and irritate respiratory tract conditions.For some, inhaling fragrance particles is one issue, so making use of a enjoyment or twist-up glide stick can assist avoid this problem.Choose fragrances v as couple of ingredients together possible.


Perfume is allowed on flights, yet if packed in hand luggage, you have to follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 dominance for liquids. Therefore you’ll have to pack it in addition to your various other toiletries. There aren’t any limits for confirm luggage, however we wouldn’t recommend packing perfume in confirm luggage, just because valuables often tend to obtain stolen native there. You need to be an extremely careful about packing perfume due to the fact that if that spills, it’s almost impossible to gain out.

So us recommend that you placed it inside a zip-lock bag, wrap it in some clothes, and also avoid put it close to the wall surfaces of her suitcase or any type of hard objects. If you execute decide to gain duty-free perfume, you have to look up the prices before you acquisition one, due to the fact that they aren’t constantly cheaper. Also, if you purchase too much, you might have to pay a personalizeds duty, which is nice high because that perfume. One or two bottles is acceptable, though.

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Also, if you setup to pop open your perfume or cologne while you’re on her flight, make sure that friend keep other passengers in mind. Girlfriend don’t desire to cause someone to have actually an allergic reaction or one asthma attack. Use scents sparingly!

Other typically Asked Questions

We gain questions around bringing ingredient on planes all the time. Therefore we’ve created a the majority of other guides, whereby we prize the most typically asked questions.