LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 14: Cornerback Ajene Harris #27 that the USC Trojans division up a happen intended for wide receiver Darren Carrington II #9 that the Utah Utes in the end zone in the first half the the game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum ~ above October 14, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo through Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

Player Summary

Darren Carrington II, a 2013 four-star recruit, started 23 of 45 career games. He invested his very first four periods at Oregon, before being dismissed native the regimen after driving right into a pole in ~ a McDonald’s drive-thru while intoxicated. He was also suspended because that the 2015 university Football Playoff championship game and an initial six gamings of the complying with season for failing one NCAA-administered drug test. Carrington would transport to Utah because that his last season that eligibility where he mostly lined up as the break-up end in the Utes offense.

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Carrington had the finest statistical season of his job in 2017 in ~ Utah, catching a career-high 70 passes because that 980 yards and six touchdowns. For the 2nd time in his career (2015) he would be called second-team all-Pac 12. In his university career, Carrington captured 182 passes because that 2,899 yards and 21 touchdowns. He played for 2 head coaches and also three offensive coordinators during his college career.

Carrington was called to the senior Bowl roster, yet was a so late scratch because of an ankle injury. That earned an invitation to the Scouting Combine, yet was unable to participate in speed and agility workouts. He possesses very great length on a thin frame with an excellent athletic ability.

Age: 23 (October 11, 1994)



Height: 6’2″ 1/4

Weight: 199 lbs.

Arm: 32-3/4″

Hand: 10-3/8″

Combine Workout

Vertical Jump: 36 inches

Broad Jump: 10’0″

Games Watched

2017: ArizonaBYUStanfordWest Virginia

2016: VirginiaWashington


When given a free release, Darren Carrington II go a good job of differing his rate as he speeds up through the stem that his route. That displays great athletic ability with solid change of direction an abilities to create separation in ~ the height of the route.

That separation quickness can be viewed in the play below from the 2016 season against Washington. He is matched up at the top of the screen against Kevin King, the 33rd as whole pick of the 2017 NFL draft by the Green bay Packers. King plays about five yards off and opens his hips before the ball is also snapped. Carrington easily eats increase the cushion before slamming top top the brakes in ~ the top of his route. This move creates enough an are for his quarterback to finish a pass outside the numbers from the opposite hash for a an initial down.


Carrington displays solid instincts together he looks because that the ball quickly on blitzes and finds the feet in the defense versus zone coverage. As checked out in the adhering to play against Virginia, Carrington possesses the straight-line rate to win cornerbacks downfield when not jammed. Here the edge lines increase in push coverage, yet does not attempt to litter off the time of the route. A simple shoulder fake through Carrington is every it takes because that him to obtain to the outside and also outrun the defender to the round for a 32-yard gain.


Carrington monitor the sphere well in the air and also demonstrates hard leaping an abilities to success jump balls. He own a big catch radius and displays very good body control to change around his structure to haul in passes far from his body. Top top this play, Carrington highpoints the ball and also displays solid hands come secure the catch. In ~ the Scouting Combine, Carrington’s hands measured 10 3/8 inches, largest amongst the broad receivers.


After the catch, Carrington makes use of very an excellent speed to separate from defenders in the open field.


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Darren Carrington II screens marginal explosiveness off the snap together he looks come setup the defender prior to running the course stem. Marginal play strength hampers his ability to beat press coverage as he battles to get off the line when jammed. He battles to fight v the contact and also has the time of his course thrown off.

Carrington displays adequate courage over the center of the field and also will avoid his route prematurely if a defender is in the area. When his quarterback starts to scramble, the does not adjust his course as a an outcome of adequate psychological processing skills.

He demonstrates marginal toughness together he battles to hold onto the football with contact. In the next example, Carrington find the seam in the zone, however the cornerback has enough time come close as soon as the ball is in the air. The round is captured in the air, but begins to come loose once call is made. Before he deserve to secure the round a second time, the safety comes end the top and also separates the sphere from Carrington.


After the catch, Carrington possesses enough elusiveness as he works through traffic and also struggles to break tackles, preventing him native maximizing yards after ~ the catch. Bad ball protection is going to be a problem for that in the NFL as he counts on his hand to organize the ball rather than securing it versus his body. In this play versus Stanford, he provides an superior catch, yet takes turn off holding the sphere in former of his body with two hands. The defender easily strips the round away.


Carrington is an sufficient blocker who is very inconsistent with his effort. On some plays he screens solid technique to obtain under a defender’s pads and drive him far from the play. However, on dram such as the one here, he demonstrates bad competitive toughness as he shows small interest in blocking on a run to his side of the field.



Overall, Darren Carrington II is a backup receiver in ~ the next level that wins with length and tracking skills. He’s not someone that possesses the toughness to consistently beat push coverage. As a result, he’s finest suited come play a flanker duty in the NFL wherein he deserve to lineup turn off the sphere to do it more difficult for a defender to jam him in ~ the line of scrimmage.

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Carrington will come to be a late-round flier in the 2018 NFL Draft, yet one who has actually a solid possibility of making an NFL roster if he deserve to stay out of trouble. It won’t happen overnight, but if his future team is patient, Carrington can develop into a solid 3rd or fourth option in the pass game.