ndustrial music) ♪- (girl) everything has come beBarbara Ann"s way, I recognize it.She"ll seek me.- Aw, no this.- (gasps) oh my god. I"ve viewed this!- (girl) i gotta, like, evade her."Cause if she access time me,I"m giving it to her.- She is hands-down the greatestmeme that 2017 already!- (girl) I"m quite violent.I mushed her in the face,"cause she wouldn"tget the end of mine face.- Ooh. That"s not good.- (Dr. Phil) phone call me...- Dr. Phil.- (Dr. Phil) ...what youthink you"re doingthat contributes to this chaosand this problem.- (Danielle) ns don"t behave disrespectful.- Yo, she"s just 13? ns thoughtshe was older 보다 that.- (Danielle) i steal cars.- She steals cars.- "Her mother claimsshe"s "out that control.""- (Danielle) Ain"t nobody gonna capture me.- (Dr. Phil) "Causeyou"re also street-wise?- (Danielle) Yup!And every these hoeslaughing choose it"s for this reason funny.- (chuckling in shock)- (Barbara Ann) She"s talkingabout the audience,that they"re laughing in ~ her.- (chuckling)- (chuckling)- (Dr. Phil) Did-- walk you to speak the--the-- the hoes are laughing?- oh my gosh.I feel so bad for laughing at this.- (Dr. Phil) so the audienceare a bunch the hoes.- (Danielle) Yep.(laughter climate applause)- all the audience is hoes?- and they"re all clapping for her? What?- (Danielle) capture me outside!How about that?- There we go.- (Danielle) catch me outside.How around that?- Oh, and also there that is.- (Danielle) catch me outside.How about that?- (Dr. Phil) capture you outside?- What does that also mean?- (Dr. Phil) What does the mean?(audience giggling)- oh my gosh.- (Barbara Ann) "Catch she outside"means she"ll go outsideand do what she needs to do.- Oh, okay. Thank you, mommy translator.- (FBE) for this reason what space your thoughtsafter watching that clip?- 2017"s gonna be a very interesting year.- i think it"s the many ridiculousthing I"ve ever seen.It renders me very angry.- You"re gonna obtain the shitkicked out of youif you"re gonna talk choose that,if you"re gonna be threatening peopleand calling world hoes.Not cool. Come on.- i love this. It"s among the greatestmemes the 2017 already.It bring me back toa nice component of my childhood,back when I to be in middle school,just because I faced classmateslike this every the time.So it"s nothing new to me.- (FBE) This clip became the basisfor a current memecalled "Cash Me Ousside exactly how Bow Dah."- (chuckles) It"s a meme now.- I dislike this meme therefore much.- I"ve viewed the meme.But everybody"s like, "How bow dah?"And I"m like, "Oh, whereis that from?" but now I obtain it.- you know, I would certainly thinkI"d be up to day on memes,"cause i go on Reddit all the time.But I"ve never ever seen that.- (FBE) so we"re gonna display youwhat world have doneusing this footage.- Okay.- Let"s see. (thrilled) Ooh-hoo!♪ (hip-hop music) ♪- ♪ two trailer park girls walk ♪- (Danielle) take it me outside.- Oh, yes!Oh.- oh my gosh.- (clapping)- Brava.- ♪ two trailer park girls go ♪- (Danielle) take it me outside.Take me outside. Take me outside.- (chuckling) five my god.They walk Eminem because that it.- the was a really an excellent one.It worked with the music.- She wouldn"t last five minuteson negative Girls Club,like, honestly.They would certainly tear her apart.- (Danielle) ...someone"s roomwhen they"ve stolen cars before.- (woman) Girl, close up door the up.- Dude, imagine if this to be real.Like, that would certainly be such good TV.- This looks prefer a truth showthat needs to be made.- (Danielle) "Cause i thinkthey could bring cameras outside.- (woman) What the are you talking about?!- (Danielle) take me outside.How about that?- Fight!- I"m upset, due to the fact that it functions so well.(button clicks)- They have a song already.- Don"t traction Napoleon Dynamite right into this.- ♪ Suede the Remix God! ♪♪ (record scratches) ♪- (Danielle) How about that?♪ (beat drops) ♪Take me outside. How around that?- Ooh-hoo-hoo.- Let"s go, Napoleon Dynamite!- (Danielle) take it me outside.How around that?- i promise you, the party ns go to,they"re gonna pat this.- (Danielle) record me outside.- It"s coming to be too much for me.- It"s everywhere.Like, ns can"t even open mine Twitterwithout see this shit.- i love the one.That one"s my favourite one.- castle dubstep remixed it.- oh my gosh.- Oh, here comes the drop. It"s coming.- (Danielle) record me outside.How about that?♪ (dubstep bass reverberating) ♪- Yea-yea-yea-yea-yea.♪ (track jittering) ♪- (chuckling) Oh, Jesus.- (Danielle, slowed down) How about that?- oh my god. People areso an innovative on the internet.Oh my gosh.- (Danielle) catch meoutside. How about that?- Oh, man. Those space fire.I favor her. We should get heron the show sometimes.- It"s simply super stroked nerves at this point.- "Catch me..." ha!Master Ball, okay. Pokemon, "kay, okay.- She doesn"t worthy a master Ball.- That"s the one timeyou can use a master Balland I"m perfect okay through it.- "I"m sorry, you can"t cash this here.""Cash me ousside. Exactly how bow dah." (chuckles)Try the ATM.- Her little face. Five my gosh.These are great.- every right, these are pretty good.- This is comedy. Ns love it.- (annoyed) five my god.This... Stupid.- It"s just too lot sometimes.Some people have, like,so lot time on their hands.- "Roses space red. My heart is fat.""Be my Valentine or...Catch me outside. Just how bow dah?" Okay.- This is my favourite one.I promise friend I"m sending out thisto anyone on Twitter.- WHA?! They combined Salt Bae in there?!How bow dah!- Cash me ousside.How bow dah? A tiny sprinkle.Salt Bae picture is hilarious.That"s annoying,but ns think it"s sort of funny.- i love the picture memes.I think they"re great.Twitter, mm. Spiciest memes up there.- commonly memes comeout the stuff the aren"t--like, that room so ridiculous,you have to make fun of them.So I"m not also mad.The internet has actually done that is job.♪ (industrial music) ♪- (FBE) so this meme recently startedto really acquire popularity online.How would say the stacks upto the other memesthat have end up being popular recently?- It"s really among thosehigh-up persons now.- It"s therefore stupid the means that she states it.But it"s so funny.- The internet"s kinda blownthis one the end of proportion.We require something to fill the gapbetween the next big one.And ns think this iskinda similar to the filler.- It"s better than the bee meme.It was a little overboard because that me.- contemporary meming, it"s simply so aggravating.There"s freakin" new memes every week.And the blows up and iseverywhere, and then it dies.This is what I contact shitposting.- I"ve watched some web memesthat are simply kind the like, ehh.But this is cool, becausethis girl"s a actual person.And the net is simply kindof celebrating this weird person.- 2017 has been fantasticin the mim department for this reason far.Salt Bae, Cash Me Ousside.I think it"s fantastic. It"s great.Put it up there with the best.- (FBE) for this reason this memeobviously stems native a clipof a 13-year-old girlchallenging the audienceat a Dr. Phil taping.- 13 years old.- Dr. Phil, like, ns havenothing against the guy.But the communication of the show"skind the exploiting people.- It"s Dr. Phil. What do you expect?You know, i can"t evenget mad at the part.- (FBE) execute you think it"s okayfor mim to be made around peoplewho are this young?- i think it"s fair game.- where does it really stop?I mean, the internetreally has actually no boundaries.I mean, also if it steps over it,it"s not choose anybody really cares.- She placed herself ~ above Dr. Phil.Like, she placed herself the end there.So she-- i mean,we even have to it is in carefulwith placing ourselves on--you males as well.I mean, you males putyourself top top the screen.So we need to be all set for that backlash.- Yeah.- so does she.- You"re just promoting it almostwhen you do stuff prefer this.And so possibly she"ll watch it,and she"ll it is in like,"Oh yeah, that"s right.I got famous doing this,so maybe I"ll continue doing this."Maybe it"s a poor thing.- gift so young,you"re therefore impressionable.I don"t desire to include fuel to the fireif you have actually a troubled pastor something like that.I desire this come turn into a success story.Like, this is where I was then,and below I to be now.Proud small business owner.- I sort of feel poor nownow the you point out it.Like, the guilt simply startedto rise within me.And I"m like, "Wait.This is kind of mean."We space kinda internet-bullying this girl.But ns feel like shedoesn"t give a .- (FBE) so finally, part memeshave a longer shelf lifethan others.What"s your prediction regarding how longthis meme will certainly stick around?- This is gonna dice so quick.- I"d offer it maybe another week.- It"s gonna fade,just like every little thing else.It"s gonna fade genuine fast.- ns don"t think she willsurvive at sight long.But i feel like we willcontinue to referral it.- The "Cash Me Ousside,"I feel favor that could besomething the sticks about like,"You the actual MVP."Someone claims something funnyto you or semi-offensive,you it is in like, "Really? Cash me ousside."And then, like-- ns don"t know.I feel prefer it might totallystick approximately for a tiny bit.- many thanks for watching thisepisode that College kids React.- us release new React episodesacross every generationsfour time a week.

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