Small kittens are adorable. They will constantly monitor you around, and best of every they love to snuggle. The being said, there is a possibility your nostrils will certainly pay the price if her kitten’s poop smells bad. Unlike dogs the poop outside, at home kittens usage the bathroom inside the litter box.

While most litters nowadays do a great job that concealing the smell, sometimes the aroma of her cat’s poop is just too strong. In today’s article, we room going to explain why kitten poop smells for this reason bad, and also offer means in which you can solve the problem. 

What to perform if you kitten’s poop smells favor death?

The easiest thing to execute if her cat’s poop smells bad is to gain clumping cat litter. This kind of litter helps absorb the foul odor. My favorite clumping cat litter come reduce poor smell is eight & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter. That is designed to absorb 10 times more odor than continuous cat litters.


Another option is come switch your cat end to a food that is specifically designed for cats through a sensitive stomach. I indicate you inspect out Hill’s Digestive treatment Cat Food.

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Kitten poop smells favor death

Kitten poop naturally smells bad, but sometimes the reaches a whole brand-new level. The key reasons kitten poop smells like fatality is since of change in diet, protein, parasites, and constipation.

Change in diet

Change in diet is the number 1 cause of negative smelling poop in kittens. This can result from a switch from dried to wet food, enhancing the quantity of food, or also be led to by her cat eat something that not claimed to. Cats have the right to be an extremely sensitive to certain nutrients such as wheats, grains, fiber, etc.

These can reason adverse reactions in your digestive mechanism which causes their poop come smell prefer death. One more possibility is the your cat is lactose intolerant, and also unable to digest lactose or any other species of nutrients. 


As carnivores, cat naturally have actually a lot of protein in their diet. When protein is a requirement for a kitten’s health and growth, it can be tough for them to digest. This deserve to certainly an outcome in your kitten having devastating smelling poop. A many times a kitten’s poop will smell negative if you rise the lot of protein in their diet in a short duration of time.


Another cause of negative smelling stool in kittens space parasites. Lock can cause a wide range of problems, consisting of inflammation in the intestine or even on anal glands. This inflammation significantly transforms your kitten’s cradle system and also can cause their poop to odor awful. 

If you suspect that your kitten has actually fleas, you should give your kitten a flea bath.


Constipation can additionally be the factor your kitten’s poop smells so bad. Once a kitten is constipated, their waste deserve to stay trapped in your body for days. This deserve to expose the waste come bacteria and also cause it to odor horrible. This is why it is really important to screen how often your cat go poop come ensure they space not constipated. 

How to aid a cat with poor smelling poop

There space plenty of means you can improve the smell of her cat’s poop. For starters, you have to make certain you are scooping the litter box at least once or double a day. If the poop sits roughly for much longer than a day, that will certainly smell prefer death. Another alternative is to relocate your litter crate to an area the is more concealed wherein the smell won’t spread as much. Us recommend putting the litter box in a tiny closet or laundry room.

If friend are transforming your cat’s diet, us recommend make the adjust gradually end time. Try only swapping roughly 25% that the food in ~ a time. If her cat’s poop proceeds to poop, you should take into consideration going back to your cat’s old food.

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Another way to boost the odor of her cat’s poop is come ensure they are drinking sufficient water. Cat’s naturally don’t drink a lot of water since in the wild they get their water native the bodies of their prey. Make sure you offer them fresh clean water next to their food bowl. Water helps your cat digest points faster and helps flush out toxins.