This morning ns spoke come a customer who make it out of a neighborhood store critical night after ~ shoplifting a pair of items without getting caught. The customer wanted to understand whether they could still it is in arrested because that shoplifting and also charged with a sleeve Theft also though they were not captured inside the store. The client wanted come know how long they had actually to arrest him and charged him v a retail Theft and also what they should do if they to be contacted by the police.

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In every likelihood, if girlfriend made it the end of the store without getting recorded for shoplifting, that is unlikely that you will certainly be arrested for the retail Theft. However, just because you made it out of the save does not typical you’re the end of the woods. Basically every major retailer has security cameras inside your stores. Ns have had actually several situations in which mine clients were arrested and charged with a retail Theft days and weeks ~ the incident after they were established on a protection camera. Ns recently had a client that to be arrested because that a retail Theft after ~ a detective uncovered a security video clip of the patent plate number on my clients car as he to be leaving the parking many the store automatically after the retail Theft had actually occurred. The detective was able to situate my client after they confirm the license plate number v the Secretary of State.

What execute I execute If The Police call Me around the retail Theft?

If you are contacted by the police and also they want to speak to you around this incident, this way that they might be on to you and you should be careful around what you do from this suggest on. If a police officer calls you and also starts asking you questions around this incident, mine advice to you is to tell the police officer the you will not answer any of his concerns unless the police gain you a lawyer. If the police officer asks friend to walk to the police station so the he deserve to talk come you around this incident, you must go come the police station. However if the police officer starts asking you questions, you have to tell the police officer the you will certainly not answer any kind of questions unless they acquire you a lawyer. You need to know that unless you ask because that a lawyer, anything you say to the police officer can be used against you in Court. Once you assert your right to a lawyer, the police must stop questioning you. That is your duty to need that they acquire you a lawyer before answering any of your questions. The best mistake that clients do is the they believe that they deserve to talk themselves the end of a situation. In countless cases, the police are hoping the you will certainly answer their inquiries so that they have the right to put with each other a case against you. I have had actually countless cases that would certainly never have resulted in an arrest if the client had just demanded a lawyer and not answered any kind of questions.

How lengthy Do the Police Have prior to I deserve to Be Charged with Retail Theft?

The police have a specific amount of time to fee you v a sleeve Theft. This is well-known as a statute of Limitations. Statue of limitations imposes a time limit for i beg your pardon you have the right to be charged for a crime. Sleeve Theft is a class A Misdemeanor in Illinois which carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a maximum well of $2,500. The statute of constraints for a sleeve Theft misdemeanor in Illinois is 18 months. Criminal charges deserve to be filed against you at any kind of time approximately 18 months after the retail Theft to be committed. In general, the much longer the time after ~ the retail Theft, the less likely the is the you will certainly be charged v the sleeve theft. But you will not be fully out of the woods till the 18 months are up.

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