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Family and Education


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24 might 1772, second but 1st surv. S. That Henry Scott, third Duke the Buccleuch , by Lady Elizabeth Montagu, da. And h. That George, first Duke the Montagu. educ. Eton 1780-9; Christ’s, Camb.;1 European tour 1790-2. m. 24 Mar. 1795, his cos. Hon. Harriet Catherine Townshend, da. Of thomas Townshend†, first Visct. Sydney, 3s. 6da. Styled Earl the Dalkeith 1772-1807; summ. to the Lords in his fa.’s barony as Lord Tynedale 11 Apr. 1807; suc. fa. As fourth Duke that Buccleuch 11 Jan. 1812, KT 22 may 1812.

Offices Held

Ld. Lt. Selkirk 1794-8, Dumfries 1798-d , Edinburgh 1812-d.

Capt. 1 fencible cav. 1794; col. Dumfries militia 1798, brevet col. 1798; capt.-gen. R. Co. Scottish archers 1812-d.


Sir Gilbert Elliot after meeting Dalkeith, climate still in ~ Eton, at a round in 1787, defined him together ‘a fine, natural, spirited boy and also by no means ill-looking, despite still promising to be favor the duke’. Reports of him ongoing to it is in favourable when he toured the Continent. Lord Auckland listed ‘an ardent temper v a quick and also lively understanding’, 29 might 1790, and also described him together ‘a an extremely pleasing young man, gay and also cheerful in his manner, of an appearance very prejudicing in his favour’, 7 Sept. His only faults were his being ‘somewhat addicted come disputation’ and also his ‘dislike to perform anything the he cannot carry out well’, i beg your pardon prevented his speak French, 2 Nov. 1790.2

On coming of age Dalkeith was returned to Parliament ~ above his great-uncle the first Earl that Ailesbury’s interest, a vacancy gift earmarked for him. Favor his father, he could be relied on to support Pitt’s administration, however not come attend, because that he was typically distracted by militia duties in Scotland. The ‘showed a revolve for armed forces affairs’. In his only well-known speech in the home he relocated the address, 29 Oct. 1795, defending Pitt’s foreign policy. In 1796 Ailesbury was ready to return the for good Bedwyn, yet fell out v his father end his electoral treatment at Launceston come the prejudice the Lady Ailesbury’s family.3 Dalkeith was defeated at Launceston, somewhat to his father’s relief, and also fell back on a seat for Ludgershall, ~ above the attention of his father-in-law, Viscount Sydney. He retained this seat in 1802, despite some speak of his making means for his brother-in-law, Viscount Stopford. His father’s girlfriend Henry Dundas dismissed this notion: ‘Your son need to be in Parliament and also it is too soon to go to the house of Lords’.4 Instead, Dalkeith aided Stopford’s election for Dumfries Burghs. The then went to Paris.

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Although he did not oppose the Addington ministry, Dalkeith to be unimpressed through the peace of Amiens and also remained attached come Pitt; he was so noted in march 1804. ~ above 11 Apr. Pitt solicited his attendance ‘by the 20th or also by the 23rd ... Until the 30th’, because ‘the success or fail of our initiatives must be chose within that period’. He collection out ~ above the 17th, only to be required to vacate his seat quite than vote v Pitt, to whom he excused himself: his courtier father-in-law had actually objected to his intentions.5 His ‘local duties’, which except the obligations of an immense estate gradually declining upon him, also involved that in managing the family electoral interest in Scotland, currently detained that there. Nevertheless he was expected to be in Parliament, and also Lord Ailesbury being unable to accommodate him he was discovered a seat for Mitchell ~ above the attention of (Sir) Christopher Hawkins*. He was still in Scotland when federal government suffered a setback on Melville’s question, 8 Apr. 1805. Top top 15 Apr. He composed to Pitt to explain that he to be ‘not lacking from inclination’: no one had warned him that government could be defeated. He promised attendance after the holidays, setup out on 25 Apr.: so lot for the report the he ‘would no go increase to protect ’. The was provided ‘Pitt’ in July. In November his father derived Pitt’s assurance the he would be summoned to the Lords in his father’s barony; however Pitt’s death prevented that realization.6

On 27 Feb. 1806 Ailesbury promised Dalkeith a seat in ~ the dissolution. In answer he admitted that he was not provided with one, but added:

I should not wish by any way to pledge myself come an unconditional support of the present government and on the other hand ns am by no way prepared come join any kind of factious or systematic opposition. Must the steps of government be command to the defence and also independence that the country, that is security and real interests, I have to with good pleasure give it my separation, personal, instance support—should yet the present government bring forward an excellent constitutional questions, the contrary in values to those I have uniformly supported, humble the country before France, or present matters injurious to the storage of grandfather Pitt then I have to think myself bound to oppose it.

Ailesbury concurred and also came come terms. ~ above 20 Oct. 1806 Dalkeith warned him ‘that ns foresee countless measures likely to be carried forward, i beg your pardon I need to feel myself obliged come oppose’. He added that he totally disapproved of some steps already adopted by the Grenville ministry. Ailesbury swallowed this too and he was chosen for Marlborough in absentia.7 top top 30 Mar. 1807 the duke of Portland acquired the King’s ready assent come his elevation to the Lords, stipulated because that by lord Melville. The only condition was the he stay in the Commons until 9 Apr. Come vote versus Brand’s motion and take his chair in the Lords 2 days later to vote against Lord Stafford’s comparable motion that remonstrance following the dismissal of the Grenville ministry. This to be evidently arranged.8

He stayed ‘sincerely attached to the ethics of grandfather Pitt’. Together a scotsman grandee, he influenced respect and also affection. He passed away at Lisbon, 20 Apr. 1819.9