Last minute trip deals from brand-new Orleans to ras Vegas Mccarran

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too so late to book a trip. Here’s our choose of the ideal last minute flights.

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Direct flights from brand-new Orleans louis Armstrong to ras Vegas Mccarran

Want to fly non-stop to ras Vegas Mccarran? We’ll aid you discover your right route.

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New olions Louis Armstrong to las Vegas Mccarran: different routes

Compare routes from brand-new Orleans luigi Armstrong to las Vegas below. Girlfriend may uncover an airport to fly right into that's cheaper, faster, or less complicated than ras Vegas Mccarran.

New olions Louis Armstrong to ras Vegas Mccarran: trip information

The points to know prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Average trip time

4 hrs

Cheapest month come fly


Most well-known airline

Southwest Airlines

Flights per week


Time distinction between new Orleans luigi Armstrong and also Las las vegas Mccarran

-2 hrs(GMT -7)


Flamingo las Vegas Hotel & Casino



TI - sweetheart Island Hotel & Casino



COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, but we're here to aid you discover the advice friend need. Check our live web page on travel constraints to see if you deserve to travel from brand-new Orleans louis Armstrong to ras Vegas Mccarran, and also if you'll need to quarantine on arrival.
There space 4 airports in ras Vegas: ras Vegas Mccarran, las Vegas Henderson skies Harbor, ras Vegas phibìc Air Terminal, and Las las vegas Nellis AFB.
What is the ideal price for a roundtrip trip from new Orleans luigi Armstrong to ras Vegas Mccarran?
The ideal price discovered on for a trip from brand-new Orleans louis Armstrong to las Vegas Mccarran is $88. This was uncovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price because that the whole month.
There room 23 flights every week paris from new Orleans louis Armstrong to las Vegas Mccarran, as of October.
Fly from Louis Armstrong brand-new Orleans international Airport to McCarran global Airport

Las Vegas provides visitors a wide selection of world-class restaurants and entertainment. If you no a gambler, you deserve to enjoy countless museums and fun attractions. As soon as planning your expedition to ras Vegas, look for flights indigenous Louis Armstrong brand-new Orleans worldwide Airport (MSY) to McCarran global Airport (LAS). Spirit and Southwest Airlines provide nonstop business from louis Armstrong brand-new Orleans international Airport (MSY) come McCarran global Airport (LAS), and flights take just roughly three hours.

Facilities at McCarran international Airport

Flights native Louis Armstrong new Orleans international Airport (MSY) come McCarran international Airport (LAS) arrive at Terminal 1 or 3. Terminal 2 to be phased the end in 2012 after the renovation and also expansion the Terminal 3. You deserve to travel in between the terminals top top the McCarran inter-terminal shuttle found on Level Zero in every of terminals. If you have actually rented a automobile to check out the higher Las las vegas area, girlfriend will require to catch the free shuttle that takes you come the McCarran Rent-A-Car center located around 3 miles from the airport. Taxis are abundant at McCarran global Airport. The expedition to the ras Vegas Strip will cost in between $12 and $18 relying on your precise location. If you’re top to the historic downtown area, suppose to pay second $5.

Things come Do near McCarran international Airport

If you choose not to gamble or you need a rest from the slots, consider soaking up one the the plenty of shows discovered in the hotels along las Vegas Boulevard, which is typically referred to together "The Strip." girlfriend will discover music spectaculars, concerts by big-name headliners, magic shows, and also much more. If you desire to learn much more about the ras Vegas area and also its history, visit the crowd Museum. Some various other distinctive museums and also galleries in las Vegas encompass the Pinball hall of Fame and also National Atomic testing Museum. If you feeling like obtaining out the the city for a bit, head to nearby Lake Mead because that a boat ride. Friend can additionally visit Hoover Dam when you’re there or take it a tourism of the Mojave Desert ~ above a dune buggy.

Hints and Tips because that McCarran worldwide Airport

There are countless flights native Louis Armstrong new Orleans worldwide Airport (MSY) come McCarran global Airport (LAS) easily accessible throughout the year, for this reason you’ll be able to attend among Las Vegas’ many events, conferences, and celebrations every year. New Years' eve on the las Vegas piece is the city's biggest celebration. The city likewise draws number of thousand travellers in October because that the national Rodeo Finals. Racing pan should consider visiting in march to to visit NASCAR weekend in ~ the ras Vegas engine Speedway.

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When dining the end in ras Vegas, you can opt for among the city's many all-you-can-eat buffets or head to one of the deluxe restaurants owned by a celebrity chef. Expect to pay between $30 and $50 because that dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant.