Last minute flight deals from Chicago to brand-new York

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too so late to book a trip. This is our choose of the finest last minute flights.

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Direct flights native Chicago to brand-new York

Want to fly non-stop to new York? We’ll aid you uncover your right route.

Southwest Airlines
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Alternative Chicago to brand-new York routes

Looking for the cheapest, fastest or easiest course from Chicago to brand-new York? You can fly into the complying with airports instead.

Chicago to new York: trip information

The things to know prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Average flight time

2 hrs 9 mins

Cheapest month to fly


Most well-known airline


Flights every week


Time difference between Chicago and new York

+1 hr(GMT -5)






COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, however we're right here to help you find the advice girlfriend need. Check our live page on travel constraints to check out if you can travel from Chicago to brand-new York, and if you'll must quarantine on arrival.
There are 4 airports in brand-new York: new York man F. Kennedy, brand-new York Newark, brand-new York LaGuardia, and Stewart International.
The ideal price discovered on for a flight from Chicago to brand-new York is $78. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and also is the cheapest price for the whole month.

Cheap flight Information from Chicago to brand-new York

Average trip TimeDeparture AirportDestination AirportDirect AirlinesMinimum Round-Trip Ticket Price
1 hour, 55 minutes
Chicago Midway (MDW), O'Hare global (ORD)
Newark worldwide Airport (EWR), Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA)
American, Delta, United, soul

Cheap Flights indigenous Chicago to new York


Flight Frequency

Average trip Price*

Ticket Search

American airline

7 job a week


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United Airlines

7 job a week


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Spirit airline

7 job a week


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Delta Airlines

7 days a week


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*Round Trip trip prices were discovered at time that posting and are subject to change. Be sure to carry out a trip search to examine most recent prices.

Airports and also Airlines

Chicago and brand-new York are several of the busiest take trip hubs in the US, therefore if you’re searching for connecting flights indigenous one to the other, you have a many options. will assist make certain your flight from Chicago to brand-new York is as smooth and enjoyable together possible.

Both the Chicago and new York City locations house numerous airports for international and also domestic trip paths. If you’re flying out of Chicago, your most likely allude of leave will through Chicago O’Hare international Airport, which connects everyday to new York JFK worldwide Airport and also La Guardia. Both Chicago O’Hare and also Chicago Midway airports connect to Newark airport as well, which, although technically in new Jersey, is a typical port of speak to for travelers come the NYC area, and the city’s famed skyline is clearly shows from countless vantage clues in Newark Airport.

With a flight time of just over 2 hours, you have actually many options for direct flights, readily available by United, American Airlines, Delta, jetBlue, Southwest, and also Spirit Airlines.

What to suppose in Chicago and also NYC airports

Chicago O’Hare is a big airport, yet well arranged so that your exit should no be a hassle. If you’re driving come the airport, passengers deserve to be dropped off straight by your terminal entrance, however if you want to avoid traffic jam there, the airport uses a “Kiss ‘n Fly” drop-off allude where you deserve to pick increase a speedy airport shuttle that will certainly take you straight to her terminal, and also avoid the hustle and bustle. In general, the airplane recommends that you come 2 hrs in development of her flight domestic departures.

Once you’ve unable to do to your terminal, friend will discover a wide variety of shops and also restaurants come pass the time in or seize a snack if you’re emotion hungry. The airport functions a range of art display screens as you walk from terminal to terminal, a full-sized actors of a brachiosaurus skeleton, and also amenities because that rest and also relaxation, consisting of a yoga room that’s cost-free for every passengers come use. For comprehensive information top top the solutions offered, and also transport to the airport, have a look in ~’s Chicago O’Hare airport details page.

If you’re flying the end from Chicago Midway airplane instead, you can also reach her port of exit by car, bus or train, and if travelling by car, have the right to be to reduce off ideal at the curb-side of your terminal area. Chicago likewise features a an excellent range that restaurants and shopping stops once you’re inside, and also this airport too has a yoga room for relaxation. Much more questions? examine out’s airport info pageto find your answer.

Once friend land in new York, you’ll find that of brand-new York City’s airports are well associated to the city by publicly transport, with train and also bus alternatives farther afield. Because your travel alternatives will vary relying on the airport friend land in, the best thing to do is to have a look in ~ the options accessible from your favored airport’s webpage. Or, have a watch herefor’s advice on exactly how to get approximately in new York. Our rental car page will additionally take you come the ideal rental transaction in the city.

Time and Climate

Chicago is in the central Time Zone, so new York City is one hour ahead of it, in the eastern Time Zone. The climates that the two cities are not too different from each other, but you’ll more than likely find brand-new York, with its direct proximity come the ocean, come be contempt milder 보다 the windy City. If the average high temperature in summer months are around the same, in winter, you can expect new York City to have actually average highs in the top 30s and low 40s, even in December with February, and average lows varying from 26-32 °F. Chicago, ~ above the various other hand, usually sees mean highs in the top 20s during these months, and lows dropping to the short 20s and upper teenagers at night.


To make your security screening in ~ the airport together smooth together possible, make sure you have a valid federal government photo ID, such together a passport, military ID, or driver’s license. If she planning on travelling further exterior of the united state after your continue to be in brand-new York, be mindful that friend will need a passport to get in a international country. If friend have any type of questions about whether or no your kind of i would is valid, or what alternative identification you can bring, please describe the TSA website.

Flights from Chicago to new York: generally Asked Questions

When Is The Cheapest Time the Year To paris From Chicago to new York?

If your take trip plans from Chicago include a pilgrimage to the large Apple, uncover the least expensive time the the year to publication that trip from Chicago to new York top top The cheapest flights indigenous Chicago to brand-new York are frequently from August v November, through rates raising from December onward. The most expensive and popular times to take trip this course are in June and July.

How long Is The trip Between brand-new York and Chicago?

The average non-stop trip from Chicago to brand-new York takes about an hour and 50 minutes. Once you come at the plane in brand-new York, you can pick increase a rental car and drive into the city, take it a practically taxi cab or a selection of other choices for transportation to her hotel accommodations

Which airline Fly Non-stop native Chicago To brand-new York?

Some the the most famous airlines with round-trip, non-stop flights ~ above the Chicago to new York course include:

Spirit American unified DeltajetBlueSouthwest

If your trip to brand-new York from Chicago departs from Chicago Midway Airport, friend will likely be on a Southwest airlines flight. Many other carriers use Chicago O'Hare global Airport, one of the world's busiest trip centers.

Which Is The Cheapest Airport come Fly into From Chicago To brand-new York

The the very least expensive brand-new York airport to fly right into from Chicago is La Guardia Airport. Newark Liberty International and Kennedy Airport room a little bit pricier 보다 La Guardia airport in Queens, new York.

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When Is The Weather finest For travel From Chicago To brand-new York?

The weather conditions in Chicago and brand-new York are quite similar in state of typical temperature and precipitation. The optimal time of year to paris this route in satisfied weather is in the spring, from so late April right into June.

Can alarm Me as soon as a Cheap flight from Chicago to brand-new York is Found?

Yes! constantly scours the internet in search of the shortest airfare prices available, so friend don't have to. For her next trip search, be sure to collection a price alert to be educated as soon as the price drops. Just plug in your desired flight information and let perform the occupational for you.