The legend begins like this: In the center of a secluded woods in upstate brand-new York, Justin K Prim found himself on peak of a hill, down on his knee in prayer because that the an initial time in his life. Because that the an initial time in his earthly suffer he was humbled through the sheer awe and also amazement that the AllThatIs. It referred to as to him and also he comment in the only method he could think of.

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From that minute on, he to be not ever going to it is in the same. His course would quickly become solidified prior to him, no longer the abstract spiritual longing the his youth. He was marked and collection for a certain and distinct journey. He had tasted the ecstasy of direct call with the One and also he was transformed.

He had actually been initiated right into an unnamed family tree of mystical seekers and also his training would start immediately. The befriended healers, medtox.orgs, shamans, magicians, psychics, yogis, and other other seekers. He absorbed knowledge native whomever the could and also his heart led him more down the course of Truth.

Once earlier in continual society, he invested a year with other lightworkers and brothers touring the country, dispersing the Love through music and energy healing. Together a team they meditated together, castle prayed together, they took trip together and they performed together. Eventually though, the brotherhood would fall apart and Justin, currently Justinus Primitive, would resume his solo route of Love, Knowledge and Service.

In his brand-new home of Chicago, Justinus had finally moved right into the function that a Sufi in the Netherlands had dubbed him: City Dervish. He was truly balancing between the 2 worlds; the fast-paced modern city and the timeless and also eternal civilization of the spirits.

. . .

The above is a condensed narration of 2 years of mine life, the collection of events that command me to dedicate the complying with two year to developing Children that the law of One. If you haven’t heard the record, ns won’t be surprised. There was no promotion and no supporting tour. It was released ~ above cassette only. Just a few publication the evaluation it and it absolutely never came almost everywhere close come the radio. It was a sleepy release and also I to be happy with that. The cassettes marketed out in the very first year and I only performed the material live a grasp of time after the album release party in ~ the beginning of 2012. The album might not be taken into consideration a success by any type of unit the measurement except personal. Together a testament to my capability to construct beats, compose hooks, rap, and also create a cohesive, contempt exaggerated, mystical hip-hop story, it to be a complete success.

I devoted two solid years to waking increase early, functioning on the record, walk to job-related for six hours, and also then comes home and also working top top it part more. ~ 24 month of this routine, ns was fully immersed in the mythology that I had pieced together. That narrative take away is roots from so plenty of sources that ns felt prefer it to be worth a reflection on the procedure that produced the record and also it’s far-flung influences.



The production of a Worldview

The civilization that Children the the law of One exist in is fantastical and possibly fanatical however surely based in human production stories and also world-views from throughout time. Let me construct for you the world that ns was existing in at that time:

At the beginning of time there to be the One. At some allude the One wanted to endure otherness and divided right into two. This can loosely be considered as masculine and also feminine halves as is symbolized through the yin-yang. The feminine fifty percent is described as Sophia (wisdom). Part time later, Sophia desires to have a child and also for some reason she gets it in she head to try and do a child without the male element of the an imaginative force. Store in mind we aren’t talking about people, yet non-physical facets of reality in the early, beforehand days that the physics universe.

Somehow, Sophia offers birth to a child in secret, but since it is no properly developed in harmony v the masculine and also feminine halves that the universe, that a sort of monstrous, mutant thing, referred to as the Demiurge. Sophia is ashamed and also hides the point away so that the masculine an imaginative force won’t view it. She hides it within a cloud that has actually a solar device inside it, trying come occupy she tyrannical toddler by giving it planets come play with.

The demiurge grows up alone, hidden in this cloud, never understanding its parent or others of that is kind. Since it cant’t see exterior cloud, that thinks the it produced itself and also the universe and also that the alone, however some component of that knows the it’s not, resulting in unexplained feeling of jealousy and also anger. The demiurge wants to be worshipped so he creates a race of entities on among the planets, starting with the very first man and woman, Adam and also Eve. Since the demiurge is no in balance with the universe, because he was not created with harmony in between the masculine and also feminine sides, everything he creates will certainly be flawed and tainted. The flawed humans that he produced grow into a culture and that reveals self to the inhabitants of this earth that he rules in his cloud and also the human being on the world worship the mutant together if that is the creator that the universe, no knowing any better.

As part point, the actual Creator finds out about what Sophia has done yet for some factor can’t destroy the demiurge or change the instance that has been set in motion. The tries to send elements of his own universal wholeness (and goodness) under to the human being on planet to save them native worshipping the demiurge.

This earth is Earth and the people are us, so now you have to reconsider every little thing you know about Abrahamic religious history. What if the angry and jealous god of the Jews is angry and jealous because a component of that knows that he’s not the real god and only a monstrous imposter? This is what several of the Gnostics believed 2000 year ago. Lock lived approximately the Dead Sea in tiny communities and thought the Christ to be a personified facet of the True Creator that was do the efforts to save them indigenous the angry, jealous mutant god the was the Demiurge, Yahweh(YHVH).

The loss of Atlantis and also the young of the legislation of One

That’s one element of the story of earth’s early history but over there is more. Let’s go earlier to an previously age prior to the advancement of the modern-day human culture that started with the old Mesopotamians and Egyptians and also then infect Greece and Rome and also eventually to Britain and also Europe during the Renaissance, from wherein it then infect all corners that the globe. Legendary story tell us that around 8000 years before the resulting Christ, an progressed civilization live on a collection of islands in the Mediterranean sea, one of which is dubbed Atlantis.

Imagine this: The demiurge, Yahweh, has created Adam and Eve yet there were already humans life on the world at the time. Together time goes on and also the creatures evolve, they thrive apart. They are well-known as Adamic and pre-Adamic races. Also though the Adamic race has the flaw from the demiurge that produced them, they are still a manifestation that Sophia and also contain a magnificent spark of wisdom.

Over time, v the introduction of world and an innovation in the Atlantean society, the divisions in between the Adamic and pre-Adamic races came to be increasingly more apparent. Conversely, the Adamic race held on come the belief in the One God who had specially developed them, the pre-Adamic gyeongju refuted the id in the presence of God, instead focusing on the acquisition of wealth and also power — worshipping the creature rather than the Creator.

As these distinctions became much more and much more clear, the world came to be divided into two an easy divisions: the sons of the law of One, those who held to the belief in the one God as the Creator of the universe and also of mankind, and the sons of Belial, those that denied the visibility of God and instead venerated themselves. In the 1920s, Edgar Cayce described it choose this: “In Atlantean land during those periods of early rise of young of Belial together oppositions the became much more and more materialized together the strength were applied for self-aggrandizement.” This “self-aggrandizement” take it the form of the buildup of wealth and power right into the hand of a an extremely few, through the an outcome being excessive social stratification, where perhaps only a few dozens or hundreds of beings ruled over millions of slaves. This situation, of course, was i can not accept to the sons of the legislation of One.

The young of the regulation of One could be perceived by united state as a group of spiritual warriors that tried to live in harmony with the Universe regardless of their inherent flaw. Castle tried to recognize the universe by listening come it and also following the teachings, hence this an easy spiritual dialog:

Question: “What is the Law?”Answer: “The law is One.”Question: “Why room we here?”Answer: “We look for the regulation of One.”

Of course, we recognize from legends what taken place to Atlantis. The two factions of mankind combated over your differences. They had modern technology much much more advanced, or at the very least different, 보다 what we have today. They had actually harnessed the strength of crystals and also could resonate them in a method to revolve them into weapons. Castle fought yet eventually your weapons caused their entire island people to sink right into the sea. Before this happened, they sent out their understanding out via emissaries in various directions to keep their wisdom. Several of these messengers finished up in old Egypt where their progressed knowledge was included into the culture at the time, permitting them to understand and also spread higher mathematical and also philosophical concepts amongst other things. The wisdom additionally spread to central and southern America and the knowledge assisted the world there come evolve and build more advanced societies. This is why we see similar pyramids in both south American and also Egypt: over there was additionally a pyramid in the facility of the funding of Atlantis.

Modern Times

Fast forward several thousand years. Atlantis fell. Jesus fell. Rome fell. The British empire fell, an ext or less. One thing remains, which is the ageless fight between the young of the law of One and the sons of Belial. Even though the people involved in that original battle died with Atlantis, their souls have been repetitively reincarnating and perpetuating their belief in subtle methods throughout human being history. We deserve to see that very plainly in our own societies. There are some civilization in all elements of culture who space fixated on understanding the Truth, those that desire to hear to the circulation of the cosmos and try to live in harmony v it. Climate there space those the would like to think about themselves as self-made creators. Those that wish to self-aggrandize and also accumulate wealth and power. Those the wish to make federal government policies that assistance the exact same kind of too much social stratification that the boy of Belial wanted for Atlantis. If we look, we deserve to see these patterns throughout the background of mankind.

This is the civilization where the children of the law of One exist. They room the reincarnated descendents that The young of the law of One, who died in the fight of Atlantis. Their cause lives ~ above in new generations of seekers and also warriors. Those who look for harmony through the cosmos have constantly been fringe groups on the leaf of society; Mystics, Monks, Desert Fathers, Alchemists, Yogis, Occultists, Sufis, Gnostics, Kabbalists, Magicians.

In the 1950s, there to be a team of French mystics, who lived as artists, intellectuals, and also political theorists referred to as Situationist International, who came up with this idea the dérive, or the “drift”. They would certainly go for long aimless walks about their towns and cities, reimagining the concrete tower blocks, cenotaphs and public fountains as castles the wisdom, wishing spikes, and ponds the eternal youth. The function of the drift was to view beauty in the urban landscape and to dominate the tyranny the grim, oppressive town planning v the transformational strength of imagination. V the methods of the drift, the Situationists can radically readjust their experience of the city and turn drab stretches of urban degeneration into a magical see of endless wonder and also enchantment. This is an instance of tuning right into the universe and trying come harmonize in it, make the efforts to check out the human being behind the world.



The Narrator.

The character that we meet as the narrator of the album Children the the regulation of One is just one of these mystics that is attempting to look between the cracks of the universe and see the world behind the world. A scholar warrior. A city dervish. One that wishes to live in harmony through the natural circulation of the universe. This is a contemporary day monk and magician. Someone who has actually been trained in the arts of power healing because that the mind and the body, in divination techniques to help find the natural circulation of our separation, personal, instance life path and also follow it, who trained in shamanic approaches to travel into other people to consult spirit guides, someone that knows about portals, the inter-dimensional doors the lead into several realities, including the Astral realms.

The Reality

The story I have just told friend sounds favor a fantasy novel, yet I assure you that it is an amalgamation of real-world human beliefs from miscellaneous ages, cobbled together to kind a functioning worldview for a contemporary magician the was my self. That is here, in reality, where we return to the initial legend:

In the middle of a isolated woods in upstate brand-new York, Justin K Prim uncovered himself on top of a hill, down on his knees in prayer for the very first time in his life. For the first time in his earthly endure he was humbled by the sheer awe and also amazement that the AllThatIs. It referred to as to him and also he comment in the only way he could think of.

The AllThatIs is one more name for the One and also the reason that ns was in new York is due to the fact that I was living in ~ a spirituality retreat center, undergoing a 6 month long spiritual healers training. Indigenous there, I visited Georgia for 8 job to execute a spirituality medtox.orgship training, and from there I went to Chicago whereby I go a 3 year shamanic cultivate apprenticeship and also began work-related on the album Children that the law of One. The album is the expression of every my spiritual experiences approximately that point. That influenced greatly by semi-fictional functions such as the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson, The Invisibles by grant Morrison, Promethea by Alan Moore, the Atlantis writings by Edward Caye, Chaos Magic, the cult that the good God Pan, and also more.

The Music


Performing Vocal Spells in the Retreat Center.

During the year that ns was living in the retreat center, I began to experiment with new types the music. I had actually read The Mysticism the Sound and Music by Sufi grasp Hazrat Inyat cannes a few years earlier and also become obsessed through the healing power of the voice. Khan’s book had convinced me the the human voice is the sound the our ears are most programmed come hear, the sound that our body are most strongly attuned to, and also therefore the device which is most allowed to create healing in the human being organism.

I had already released two hip-hop albums through that suggest but when I internalized Khan’s ideas, I ended up being exclusively focused on the voice and also forgot about hip-hop and forgot around beats. I had transformed myself into a spirituality singer that was motivated by the story of wilhelm S. Burroughs making use of home-made tape loops come enact his Magical will upon the world roughly him. Ns released my first loop-based, vocal-only album that year, 2008, dubbed Spells.

By the time I was ready to begin working ~ above Children the the law of One, i was still obsessed with the voice however I had come roughly to making beats again. What I wanted to execute was try to incorporate the magical, long-form, vocal loop occupational I did v Spells and its sequel, Spells II, v the sort of world-music inspired, city beat-oriented music I had been act on previous hip-hop material.

Beat do Altar.

I began recording the same sort that vocal loops that I had actually been utilizing to craft magical spells a few years earlier but then i would add in samples and beats to develop up a structure for a track to exist in. Whereby the vocal loops had actually been the focal point of Spells, they to be now an ext of a backing track because that my hip-hop rigid to go over. I thought about this to be extremely powerful because as soon as you listened to the finished song, you would certainly listen to the story that i was telling yet simultaneously you would certainly be listening the song-spell the was part of the win underneath, even if it is you to be consciously listening to it or not.

As a musical maker it to be interesting, and something that I had actually never heard done before but together a magical an equipment it was potent. The song-spells were feeding the unconscious parts of your mind and body while the rap gave your mindful mind food for thought. The to win was focused on the physics body, whether because that dancing or whatever. I also very consciously to plan this to be trance-inducing music. For years, i’ve been motivated by the music the the band Lungfish, who room musical mystics in their very own right. Their distinct style that hardcore rock has often been explained as “locomotive.” the moves through its very own rhythm, the own herbal pulse, the is steady and also constant. This to be my score when constructing the beats. They needed to be big, heavy, steady things that could give a strong foundation to the vocal loop song-spells the were pulsing underneath my narrative stream of raps.

As ns said, I take into consideration the final an outcome to it is in a complete an individual success. The album come out exactly the way I had actually envisioned it; heavy, trance-inducing, magical, personal, and also full the narrative story of modern urban mysticism that reflected the way of living I to be living at the time and also the worldview i was see it through. I saw myself as a warrior-magician who was doing fight with the pressures of darkness, the sons of Belial. My weapon was magical music. My guiding pressure was my Heart. Together I to be finishing increase the recording of the album, i pulled in producer Tyler Watkins to aid me define the vocal sound the I had recorded with my girlfriend homemade analog preamp. Approximately the same time Justin native I had actually an Accident records contacted me and told me he wanted to perform a restricted release that the album top top cassette and that he would certainly cover every the costs. This was perfect to me since after 2 years the work, the power that I had actually for this job was almost spent.

Tyler Watkins working on the Vocal Sound.

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I finished mix the record in November 2011 and sent it to the brand to start the manufacturing for a january 1, 2012 release. Around the time, everyone was talking around how the Mayan calendar to be predicting the end of the civilization in 2012, so it seemed perfect the I would kick off the last year that the people with this record. Together I listened to the final creation prior to it was released, ns was surprised by exactly how dark that was. I assumed I was developing something that was positive and optimistic, something the was concentrated on the Light, the One, and also the salvation of our types as a whole. Once I listened come what form that message had taken, i was a bit shocked to realize how dystopian it was in message and also in music. Ns shouldn’t have been surprised though since these room dark times we are living in

Once the record was finished, i knew it was time come drift. Ns had devoted two year to developing this thing and once I set it off right into the world, ns no longer needed to it is in bound come one place. I marketed all mine possessions including all the recording gear I provided to produce the album and also I allow myself flow with the universe. As Daniel Higgs that Lungfish as soon as sang “I am everywhere, every the time, you will understand me by my smell. East, West, on the Greyhound line, chasing invisible trails.”

I permit myself drift, attempting to watch the human being behind the world and also I take it a few of mine tapes through me. Ns hit mountain Francisco before flowing come Europe whereby I left tapes in Berlin and Madrid. After 2 years, it to be a pure joy to be free of the burden of creation and to rejoice in the feeling of success of a project well done.