The leaves are falling, cooler temperature are moving in and also the work are getting shorter. These are all acquainted signs that us are around to embark on an additional holiday season. This year has undoubtedly been daunting for many, so we are right here to assist get you inspired and spread part cheer! inspect out our best suggestions for Kansas City vacation light tours and also events in 2020!

Enjoying holiday-themed activities are the perfect way to produce those priceless memories through your family and also friends! Kansas City uses a selection of magical events involving music, parades, crafts, skating and more. Right here are just a couple of of ours favorites:

Christmas in Garnett

Spend an evening or afternoon in Garnett, Kansas, whereby they really know how to make the vacation season important unforgettable! In much less than one hour from KC, you will certainly be welcomed into a miracle Christmas-themed city square. On the critical Saturday that November, the city ushers in the vacation season through a large parade, a chili and also soup supper at the firehouse and a visit native Santa. Garnett likewise offers an yearly Holiday dwellings Tour and Holiday Boutique ~ above December 6th.  Then, swing by the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum’s Annual little Mall i beg your pardon is draft to permit a safe setting for children to carry out a small holiday purchase of their own!


Holiday irradiate Tours and Events in Garnett, KS


The German Christmas Market

The German Christmas Market occasion in Leavenworth, Kansas offers an entire day of vacation fun. You deserve to visit the many vendors to execute a little bit of shopping, reap delicious baked goods and authentic German cuisine every while listening to live music. You can also be a part of a quiet auction, obtain photos of the kiddos through Santa and also of course, indulge in part authentic handmade German beer!


The German Christmas Market

Historic tourism of Homes

The Leavenworth ar Historical society Vintage homes Tour is a fundraising event perfect for couples and friends to enjoy. You have the right to tour five or much more gorgeous historical homes in Leavenworth while raising money for the historical Society. Viewing a beautiful piece of background while supporting a an excellent cause is a perfect way to gain an afternoon.

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Leavenworth County historical Society’s Vintage houses Tour

Ice Skating in ~ Crown Center-

Both the Crown center Ice Terrace and The ice cream at Park ar open for the season in November. Whether you can gracefully glide roughly the rink or like a much slower method while stop hands, you will certainly surely have actually an unforgettable experience. So, obtain ready come hit the ice under twinkling vacation lights, possibly with some hot cocoa, as this is an activity the whole family can enjoy.


Ice Skating at Crown Center

Christmas at Union Station-

What far better way to obtain into the holiday spirit than come visit Union Station! Union terminal is a have to stop on your Kansas City vacation light tours! This historic landmark is filled through gorgeous vacation décor with many spots to grab a few family photos. Bring the kiddos and watch their eyes irradiate up as soon as they drive on the historic Jones keep miniature train. All deserve to marvel in ~ the collection of model trains in the grand Plaza that has actually been transformed into a winter wonderland. Outside you can climb aboard Rudy, the Christmas train, as soon as she swings through town. Nothing forget, once you come back inside, you can inspect out scientific research City, capture a vacation flick at the Regnier Extreme display screen Theatre, hear to local musicians and also choirs perform and also end through dinner in ~ Harvey’s Restaurant.


Christmas at Union Station, Kansas City


Kansas City holiday Lights Tours

Kansas City has actually some of the most spectacular holiday light screens for you to enjoy! gain the season kicked off through a little watch party for the light of the country Club Plaza ~ above Thanksgiving evening. Then, gather your family and also friends, throw together your favorite warm cocoa recipe and also call Overland Chauffeured services to book a tourism to check out this magical holiday light tours:

Winter Magic

Looking for an extra distinct KC vacation light tour? examine out Winter Magic at Swope Park! This magical tour takes you with nine themed locations including the longest animated irradiate tunnel in the Midwest, a section dedicated to 12 days of Christmas, a toy workshop, spinning trees and also so lot more! purchase tickets on their website at to reserve your time slot. All ticket purchases advantage KC Parks Summer Camp Scholarship Fund, making certain all local youngsters have access to summer learning and fun.

Is all of this activity making girlfriend hungry? let Overland take it you to dinner. Scheduling her Kansas City vacation light tour on a weeknight will acquire you and the children to dinner, a festive light show and ago home because that bed prior to 9:00pm! Also, not just does Overland Chauffeured solutions make the transportation part of your tourism easy, they develop an even more memorable experience! through Kansas City’s largest, most luxurious fleet, you have the right to enjoy a cozy and comfortable ride the the totality family have the right to enjoy together! and with this ultimate list of KC vacation light tours and activities, you space sure to uncover something for everyone.

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