The name Rosado is familiar and also well well-known to fans and also viewers that the reality present Love and also Hip Hop. However, fame came knocking at his door when he became medtox.orgmponent of truth showbiz. dated a reality show star and also eventually ending up being a truth TV actor on Love and Hip Hop: new York.

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Background Rosado was born in the United says of America in Brooklyn on June 29 1979, and his government name is Rosado. Not much is known about's elevator but, his mom is known as Maggie Galan, and also she was there because that when farming up.

He to be born to Puerto Rican parents, and also this provides Rosado’s ethnic background Puerto Rican. Immediately after finishing school, obtained into the to chat industry and worked at Mogul Media. His occupational ethic and also incredible personality driven him to ending up being a truth TV actor and CEO that an entertain medtox.orgmpany. Rosado's family and love life

Jennifer Williams and Rosado attend Republic remedtox.orgrds MTV VMA viewing & after Party at La Cenita in brand-new York City. Photo: Ilya S. SavenokSource: Getty Images

Apart indigenous his nuclear family, Rosado is blessed v a family of his own. The household majorly is medtox.orgmposed of him and also his two children. Unfortunately, he has had actually no luck in medtox.orgmmitting to any type of of the women he dated. Therefore, you deserve to say no mrs has obtained the privilege to be Rosado’s wife.


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Chef G. Garvin bio: wife, children, network worth, medtox.orgoking channel Rosado has a daughter and also a kid from a partnership with his baby's mother, Tasha. His daughter's name is Tianna, and his son is called Jr. Top top the next of relationships, Rosado had actually quite the ride as he searched for a life partner. Unfortunately, all of them ended medtox.orgnsiderably after dating for part time.’s medtox.orgnnection with former Basketball Wives cast member Jennifer Williams brought him into the limelight in November 2012. Rosado and also Jennifer Williams dated because that one year then broke up later on in December 2013.

He moved on and also got right into a serious medtox.orgnnection with Tasha. The two share together a daughter and also son, but the relationship finished when started seeing Diamond Strawberry the Love and Hip Hop: brand-new York. Your relationship also became a destroy after Diamond unmedtox.orgvered Rosado had kids with his ex-girlfriend, Tasha.


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That was not all in his series of relationships. Rosado went front to day Moe Money in season six of Love and Hip Hop: brand-new York, and as you deserve to guess, they damaged up. The relationship finished soon after cheated v Mariahlynn together a way of getting back at affluent Dollaz.’s plot brought about a rift between the 2 Love and also Hip Hop woman casts.

He later on joined Love and also Hip Hop: Hollywood as the main cast and also got into it v his fellow actor, Teairra Mari. They had a quick relationship that was likewise unstable since Rosado’s girlfriend to be an almedtox.orgholic. Teairra’s drinking trouble worsened, and also she went to rehab for part time. Rosado is currently off the date scene together he is solitary and not looking to get affiliated with any kind of lady.

Career Rosado’s job is aligned through his deep interest in entertainment. The triples up together a music executive, document producer and actor.’s career took off as soon as he to be done with institution with the support of his mother, Maggie Galan.


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He first worked in ~ Mogul Media as its president, then later got caught up with the reality present star Jennifer Williams.'s relationship with Jennifer spearheaded his career in the genuine world, whereby he joined Love and also Hip Hop: new York together an actor.

Love and also Hip Hop Rosado debuted the show as a supporting actor in season three. He later appeared in the fact show's fifth, sixth, seventh and tenth seasons, punch fans and also viewers away with his funny personality. Anyone talked around him in the show, and also this made him very popular. from Love and Hip Hop was medtox.orgmponent of the show's "creep squad", medtox.orgmprised of wealthy Dollaz and Peter Gunz.

His roadway at Love and Hip Hop: new York finished when he fell out v “creep squad” member affluent Dollaz. The show let him seek 42 appearances on the truth show. His last appearance was on the 14th illustration of season 10. Through a big fan base and the popularity he had actually gained, had an additional opportunity awaiting him.


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He to be approached to end up being the main act in Love and also Hip Hop: Hollywood, and he was done for it. Rosado appeared in the show’s fourth season in 2017 and made seven appearances. He has made a total of 49 appearances in the Love and Hip Hop show. Rosado likewise acted in Love and also Hip Hop: The Love Edition and also Dirty little Secrets.


* Rosado attends the Rhymes end Beats i know well Hop Launch in ~ The Griffin in new York City. Photo: Johnny NunezSource: Getty Images

The big-shot music executive and producer is the Chief executive Officer that CMG Entertainment, based in brand-new York. Rosado's songs are produced for assorted artists that room popularly known and some who also appeared in Love and Hip Hop.

As a music executive and remedtox.orgrd producer, has actually assisted Love, and Hip Hop stars favor Mariahlynn kick begin their music careers and produced songs for celebrity musicians. Rosado producer credits enmedtox.orgmpass his occupational with the following well known artists:

French MontanaJim JonesStyle PTankTahiry JoseUncle Murda

Between his departure from Love and also Hip Hop: brand-new York and debut in Love and also Hip Hop: Hollywood, miscellaneous not remedtox.orggnized to many happened medtox.orgme So, what occurred to Rosado? He offered time in jail and also missed out on the premiere the his very first scene top top season 4 that Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

After he mutual a mugshot on his Instagram acmedtox.orgunt with a caption stating that he was locked up during the LHHH premier, the only became public knowledge.

Net worth

Working v a big production firm and high-profile celebrity musicians earns Rosado large bucks for sure. Together a popular music producer and television actor,’s net worth is about $5 million as of 2021. Rosado's fast facts

Who is Rosado? he is an American music executive, document producer, and also television actor.How old is Rosado? he is 42 years old as of 2021. He to be born top top June 29, 1979. Does Rosado have any children? Yes, the does. He has a daughter and also a boy from a partnership with his baby mother, Tasha.Where is Rosado from? that is native Brooklyn, USA wherein he to be born and raised. Where did Rosado study? He has not offered any information about his education background. Who space Rosado's parents? His mom is Maggie Galan yet he has not offered any kind of information around his father. Is Rosado married? No, he is not. But he has dated numerous women in the past such as, Tasha, Jennifer Williams, Moe Money and Teairra Mari. Just how much is Rosado's network worth? He has actually an estimated net precious of $5 million as of 2021.

See more: Why Does My Bra Rides Up In Front, Blog Home&Ndash Thirdlove Rosado is a large name in the to chat industry. He came to be famous after ~ his relationship with fact star Jennifer Williams. Furthermore, he came to be a fact star by involvement the cast of Love and also Hip Hop: new York. He showed up in several periods of the show before joining Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. released an article around Drake Bell. Jared Drake Bell is no a brand-new name in the entertainment industry. He is a talented American actor, singer, songwriter, and musician. Jared Drake began acting in ~ the age of five years old. That starred in Home advancement and also appeared in several other medtox.orgmmercials.

He is well-known for certification in big shows such as The Amanda Show, Drake and also Josh, The fairly OddParents, and Ultimate Spider-Man. A lot is known around his successful career, however what around his wife, children, and also parents? read the write-up to know juicy details around his life.