9 times out of 10 I'm going v Tradition and also have 3-4 urban max (unless uranium/coal isn't in ~ my boarders so late game.)


I offered to be like you. In vanilla, hanging gardens is 10 food. Ten. One zero. My favorite civ to play to be Egypt and I would practice getting hanging gardens as rapid as possible in every game.

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No this is not a great move. Girlfriend are more than likely not playing on a really high challenge level. You cannot play choose this top top 6 and also up, so focusing your beat in such a myopic, tunnel vision way will not assist you move up in difficulty.

Check the end this thread where I made some comments around wonders https://www.medtox.org/r/civ5/comments/9aubbd/what_is_everyones_win_on_deity_also_tips_for/

Let's assume this is ~ above 7 since you will certainly never obtain it ~ above 8 there is no a tiny map or a wonder or both.

You need to not attempt an ancient or timeless era wonder unless you really acquire a substantial benefit from it and also are confident you room in a dominating position to win the gyeongju to it.

Mathematics go not help you enhance luxuries. Hold-up in deluxe techs is slowing her growth. Instead of science right into mathematics and also hammers into hanging gardens, try another deluxe tech and also another settler or two. Sometimes you get just as much populace and with no hazard that you can lose the wonder.

Also an earlier national university is a large deal.

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For me, hanging gardens i make most often due to the fact that I am going for petra. Ns have great library so I acquire there fast, I'm beelining petra for this reason hanging gardens is ~ above the way, having hanging gardens will help me work hills while making Petra and then when I have petra, the food will aid me acquire up on all those godly Petra tiles faster. It's a great decision to effort hanging gardens here.

Outside the that, a prime case for rushing it would certainly be

lots the hills in the city yet not a the majority of food. Acquiring food from a wonder here way lots the hammers, and working hills while building it boosts the possibility we obtain it

lack of new water in the city

we understand we opened up the technology first

we room the just civ in legacy (but in that situation it can be delayed due to the fact that we can have it whenever we want it and other things are often more immediately pressing)

Really, don't emphasis the wonders prefer this. A cheap infrastructure building is frequently just as good