Located just fifteen minutes from downtown san Diego, La Jolla is the perfect destination for a day expedition to obtain away because that the weekend or relax after that prolonged business meeting. In Spanish, La Jolla (pronounced “La Hoya”) method “The Jewel” in Spanish, a perfect summary of the town’s sophistication and also elegance. Clients room able come fly right into three the the local airports including San Diego global Airport (IATA: SAN, ICAO: KSAN, Brown field Municipal airplane (IATA: SDM, ICAO: KSDM, or McClellan-Palomar plane (IATA: CLD, ICAO: KCRQ). Transportation have the right to be i ordered it at any kind of of the airports listed above and also will be available planeside upon her arrival.

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Breathtaking beaches, dramatic cliffs, and also sandy shores make this the premier destination for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Home to numerous beaches each v a distinctive experience. Some beaches consist of of flat sandy areas perfect for sunbathing and also a lazy day in ~ the beach while the others are lined with jagged cliffs and also rougher waters perfect for surfing. In ~ night this dramatic beach scene turns right into a romantic sunset. Exactly how picturesque, beaches that offer something because that everyone.

Tee turn off onto gorgeous fairways. Through over eighty golf process in san Diego Country, every job is a good day come golf here. Pamper yourself at the local day spa and also beauty salon. Do a step at a Broadway show in the Tony-Award win La Jolla Playhouse. Visit a neighborhood art or wine festival or tourism the exquisite halls the the art galleries. V numerous tasks to select from, do a job of the all.

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Airports offer La Jolla

San Diego Lindbergh Field (IATA: SAN, ICAO: KSAN) Located only three miles from downtown san Diego, Lindbergh ar is the busiest single runway plane in the unified States. With among the many beautiful ideologies to be checked out out the the window of an aircraft, mountain Diego Bay, the san Diego/Coronado bay Bridge, the skyline of downtown, Coronado and the silver- Strand, the Gaslamp District, Petco Park (home the the mountain Diego Padres), suggest Loma, NAS north Island, the aircraft Carrier/Museum USS Midway, and the beautiful Embarcadero are virtually close sufficient to touch as you land. The san Diego Zoo and also attractions that Balboa Park space visible ~ above the appropriate side of the aircraft, if you have the right to tear you yourself away native the view on the left. San Diego Lindbergh ar is likewise the plane of selection for large jet arrivals for events at the Qualcomm Stadium. There space noise restrictions and also a late night/early morning curfew.

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Montgomery Field (IATA: MYF, ICAO: KMYF) Located on Kearny Mesa, Montgomery ar is close to the Qualcomm stadion (home of the san Diego Chargers). Because of its an extremely short runway, the biggest aircraft that normally land right here are Citations. Close come the communities of Clairemont Mesa, Mira Mesa, Mission Valley, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Bird Rock, Mt. Soledad, and Mission Bay, this small public airport has actually easy access, and small traffic. There space late night and also early morning noise constraints for jets.
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