Yes, that course, you have the right to use coconut oil on her hair prior to you dye it. The oil won’t impact the dye’s color and it also won’t do the shade turn out uneven.

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But, you need to use it 3 hours before you dye your hair and avoid making use of it on your roots. In a couple of minutes, I’ll call you precisely how to carry out it. This way, the oil will minimize the harmful results of the dye on her hair, i m sorry will an outcome in much healthier dyed hair.

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If there to be ever very versatile product, it’s coconut oil. I usage it because that literally everything, even cooking.

Have you ever made breaded chicken in the oven, fried in a few drops the coconut oil? Well, girlfriend should shot it, you will do it love it.

Because coconut oil has actually such unique properties, you can use that in my different facets the your everyday life. Like, for example, to moisturize sensitive areas of your skin, like your elbows and knees.

But it’s also an ideal protective barrier when it comes time come dyeing your hair due to the fact that it can protect your hair fiber indigenous the damage caused by peroxide and ammonia in hair dye.

But, like every little thing in life, it’s vital to understand how specifically to usage it once you dye your hair. Because it is true that if you usage it right before putting the dye into your hair, whatever can go wrong, making your hair shade come the end uneven.

So, deserve to you usage coconut oil on your hair before dyeing it?


Yes, you can, yet you require to understand when and how to perform it right.

If she crazy about coconut oil like me, rod around, since I’ll call you:
just how to use coconut oil on her hair correctly before you dye it Other feasible uses because that coconut oil in her hair
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How to effectively use coconut oil prior to you dye her hair


When you usage oil in her hair, her hair fiber conveniently absorbs the nutrients, making her hair softer and also shinier.

What is the advantage of utilizing coconut oil before you dye her hair?


It’s simple: peroxide, i m sorry is the chemical that opens up your hair cuticles, won’t damage your hair as much as it would if friend didn’t.

Because as wonderful moisturizer, coconut oil can defend your hair versus the chemicals, minimizing their many aggressive effects.

But, for coconut oil no to intervene in the dye’s job, i m sorry is to deposit color, you should use the coconut oil at least three hours before you dye her hair.

Why three hrs before?


Because the way, you’ll provide the moisturizing ingredients in coconut oil sufficient time to enter into the inner of your hair fiber, increase it.

Now let’s take a look in ~ another an extremely important component of this process.

When you usage coconut oil on your hair, where carry out you start applying it? At her roots?

No! You need to avoid making use of coconut oil at your roots due to the fact that your scalp currently generates enough natural oil to save it perfectly moisturized.

Three hours before you dye her hair, what you have to do is use a few drops of coconut oil on her hair, leaving around 2.5 inches without it at her roots, massaging the oil with to her ends.

Also, since your roots are new hair, lock don’t need as lot protection against the dye as the remainder of her hair. Now that we’ve gone over these an extremely important points, stop see exactly how to usage the oil on her hair before you dye it.


How to use coconut oil, step-by-step


Three hours prior to you use the dye in her hair, do the adhering to steps:
placed six or seven drops of coconut oil in her hands and rub them together to distribution the oil over her them. Begin to use the oil, leaving 2.5 inches free of oil at her roots. Remember, execute not use the oil on your roots. Massage it v your hair from where you began near however not at your roots come the end of her hair. When three hours have actually gone by, you deserve to use the dye without rinsing her hair.
If girlfriend follow these steps, the coconut oil will certainly not readjust the shade of the dye and also your hair will be well-moisturized and also much softer.

In the beginning, I pointed out that coconut oil likewise can beat a role in other hair care procedures. Perform you want to know which ones it works well for? i’ll tell friend in a sec.

Other methods to use coconut oil

Are you considering bleaching her hair?


Wait, don’t carry out it before using a couple of drops the coconut oil.

I don’t recognize if you already know or not, but bleaching her hair is an aggressive process for her hair, therefore the more precautions you can take to minimize the damage, the better. And one of these precautions has actually a name: coconut oil.

try to usage the coconut oil ~ above the ar of your hair you’re planning come bleach. For example, if you want to bleach the end of her hair, then you should simply use the oil there. If you desire to bleach all of your hair, you need to use the from close to your roots come the ends. Put 7-8 fall in your palms and massage it into your hair indigenous close to the roots to her ends, but don’t permit the oil come come into contact with her scalp. Then, after 3 hours, you have the right to go ahead and use the bleach mix without rinsing your hair.

You have the right to use it together an extensive hydration treatment, and even leave it in your hair every night.


But, carry out remember to wrap your hair in a bath lid to defend your pillowcase.

If you don’t desire to leave it in every night, use the coconut oil on your hair native the middle to the ends and also let that sit because that 50 minutes.

Because it will close your ends’ cuticles so they feel softer and much more docile.

A few simple drops of coconut oil can work miracles top top damaged ends.

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If she unsure around what to carry out with your ends, I deserve to tell you about the differences between dead ends and also split end here, and what you should do in each case.


Coconut oil deserve to be a great protective barrier for your hair to minimization the harmful results dye deserve to have top top it.

just remember to usage it on her hair 3 hours prior to dyeing it, distributing the oil native the middle of her hair come the ends, and don’t rinse prior to you dye it. Also, if girlfriend want, girlfriend can include 3-4 drops to the dye mix, and also incorporate the well. The will safeguard your hair fiber even more and won’t adjust the color of the dye.

Now, phone call me: have you ever used coconut oil on your hair before you dyed it?

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