Recommended solutions (all operation systems)Recommended solution(Windows)Recommended equipment (Linux)

Incydr Professional and also Enterprise, no.

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Incydr simple and Advanced, yes.

CrashPlan Cloud, yes.

Other product plans, yes.

CrashPlan for small Business, no.


If you attempt to begin the app and it display screens the message, " cannot affix to its lift service", this article can aid troubleshoot the issue. This error normally occurs because the company is not running.

However, if you see "Unable come connect, inspect your network" or "Can"t affix to server", that indicates a network issue.Network worries occurwhen the app cannot interact with the Internet.To settle a network issue,check that there is no software that conflicts with appinstalled on your systemand seeTest your network link to further troubleshoot the issue.

Under the hood

The application consists of two parts:

Graphical user user interface that the user interacts with company that operation in the background

These 2 pieces connect over a neighborhood network connection that is developed into every device. Once the app starts, the graphical user interface and also the business attempt to affix to every other. If lock can"t connect, the graphical user interface screens an error message.

To learn more about application status messages, app status messages.


Recommended solution(Windows)

If you room using a Windows an equipment and the recommended solutions for all operating systemsdidn"t fix the problem, verify the the company is enabled.

open up the WindowsStart menu. Locate and open the Services program: form services.msc right into the Start menu search bar and click Enter. Double-click CrashPlan back-up Service. The CrashPlan back-up Service Properties home window opens. Ensure the the Startup Type is set to Automatic (Delayed Start). If the Start service status button is available, click that to start the service. Click Apply if you made changes to her settings, then close the window.

Recommended systems (Linux)

If your system language is not collection to English once the application is installed, the applications starts and also backs up however fails to open after rebooting the device. Come ensure that the application is maybe to open after rebooting:

change the Linux system language to English. Consult the documentation for your Linux circulation for instructions on transforming the device language. readjust the Linux mechanism language earlier to her language. The app will open up normally.

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Alternative solution

Manually starting the service after restarting your maker will enable you to open up the app.