264 market BlvdCollierville, TN 38017

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Contract Postal Unit,Cpu Patton Computers

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Parking:Lot, Private

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Pets Allowed:No



Eddie R.

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All business" experience much more bad press than great because of world like me, everything has been good - so I do not bother to share. I favor most, warn human being away from the poor experience.I have been doing business with Patton computer systems for over 6 years currently (since 2007) every one of our computers at work-related are from there as well as a pair at the house. Billy, John, and also most every one of their staff have constantly been really helpful, considerate, and also polite v every transaction (whether it be a purchase or a repair). They have actually one the the best Service plans covering your own commodities of anywhere I have ever been – hands down!We space all irritable to begin with once a computer repair is needed; don’t take it it the end on these guys.

These guys understand what they room doing! Polite and also professional every time! ideal computer store I have ever before been too!

The employees were nice young men who yes, really seemed choose they cared about computers and weren"t just children off the street. They had a nice choice of computer systems and much more things the I can ever want. Prices weren"t as well bad, and they were genuine upfront around what to be worth doing and not precious doing to assist speed up mine computer. I"ll be back.

Patton computer systems is an awesome store with a wide choice of items, several of which you can"t uncover anywhere else in the area, that room on the shelf and also ready come purchase. Gift an it professional, time is critical and time is money. Patton computers has saved me much more than once. Patton computer systems is the closet point to a true geezer paradise the the Memphis urban area needs to offer. Examine it out.

THAT ar IS AWESOME!!!i went there and they resolved my ipod 5"s screen next job i checked out the post office to mail a letter!THATS RIGHT!!!POST OFFICE IN A computer STORE!!!! ; )

They broke my 1 year old laptop once all I wanted was home windows installed! Keep much far away from this place! No customer business at all!

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