Folk song of the southerly AppalachiansEnglish folk Songs native the southern Appalachians

Jean Ritchie sang The tiny Sparrowin 1954 on her Elektra albumKentucky hill Songsand, as Come all You Fair and also Tender Ladies,in 1965 on her Warner albumA Time for Singing.She detailed on the an initial album:

The tiny Sparrow or, Fair and also Tender Ladies, as it issometimes called, is to me among the incomparable love songs of every time.It is widely well-known throughout our part of the Appalachians, and also even withinour own family is sung in 2 or three various tunes and also which vayring setsof words. This particular means of singing it, which i prefer, comes fromUncle Jason.

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Peggy Seeger sang the Appalachian love songCome every Ye Fair and also Tender Maidensin 1957 on she 10" object LPEleven American Ballads and also Songs,reissued in 1996 top top the Fellside CDClassic Peggy Seeger.Alan Lomax commented in the album"s sleeve notes:

This standard Appalachian love tune takes the view, which is inexplicable inAmerican love songs, the love is both sorrowful and also dangerous.

A year later, Pete Seeger sang this song with the an ext usual titleCome all Ye Fair and also Tender Ladieson his object EPPete and Five Strings.Karl Dallas comment in the sleeve notes:

Sharp printed18 versionsof this beautiful song,including a variation fromone the his best sources, Mrs. Mrs Gentry of warm Springs, phibìc Carolina.Compare Pete"s very complimentary interpretation with sister Peggy"s more rhythmicperformance.

Hedy West sang Fair and also Tender Ladiesin 1964 on she Vanguard albumHedy West Volume2.

Stella Kimble and also Pearl Richardson sangCome All her Fair and also Tender Ladiesto Mike Yates in ~ Stella"s home in Laurel Forks, Carroll County, Virginia,on 14 respectable 1979. This record was contained in 2002 on theMusical heritages anthology of Songs, tunes and also stories indigenous Mike Yates"Appalachian collections,Far in the mountains Volume 2.Mike Yates noted:

Once a famous Appalachian track (Cecil spicy alone accumulated eighteen sets),it includes a number of verses the are discovered in assorted English songs.Fred Jordan, because that example, includes the final two lines in his version ofThe Dark Eyed Sailor.Martha room sings a fragmentary collection on the dual CDMountain Music that Kentucky(Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40077).

Maggie Holland sang Fair and also Tender Ladies in 1983on The English nation Blues Band"s critical album,Home and also Deranged.This track was also included on their anthologyUnruly.Ian Anderson sang it on his 2017 albumDeathfolk Blues Revisited.

Peter Bellamy sang Fair and Tender Ladies in 1985 on his EFDSS albumSecond Wind.He noted:

Another love which still holds me in thrall is the white people music ofSouthern Appalachia. Kentucky"s splendid Jean Ritchie to be the physics mediumthrough who I an initial contacted that particular Summer Country and it is sheI have to thank for bothFair and also Tender LadiesandMaria"s Gone.I learned at an early stage the inadvisability that trying to ape accents but aspects ofthe thrilling mountain vocal style are difficult to escape. Anyway, who desires to?

Hamish Bayne and Martin Cole sang Fair and also Tender Maidensin 1991 on their Fellside albumMaking Music.

Scalene (Sandra and Nancy Kerr and also James Fagan) sangCome all You Fair and also Tender Ladiesin 1999 on your Fellside albumScalene.They noted:

Sandra remembers hear this in she youth, ~ above a record by Peggy Seeger.The sleeve note stated that love is both sorrowful and dangerous.No readjust there, then. Cecil Sharp gives several variants that this in hisEnglish people Songs indigenous the southern Appalachians,from which us collated this text and also chose the lovely 3/2 tune.

Bram Taylor sangCome every You Fair and also Tender Ladiesin 2004 ~ above his Fellside albumThe Night Is Young.

Elizabeth LaPrelle sang Come All her Fair and Tender Ladieson her 2004 albumRain and Snow.She noted:

I learned this old tune from my mom who think she learned it from“some folksong record”. My parents looked v their old LPsand discovered a comparable version by Leon Bibb. I altered the melody a small toadapt it come my own voice.

Jim Moray sang this track as Fair and Tender Loversin 2004 top top his CD singleSprig the Thymeand 2 years later on his eponymous CDJim Moray.

Jon Boden learnt this song “from one Appalachian resource recording onvinyl in Cecil sharp House. I invested a pair of rather magical days in thelistening room age 21 or so, in the days prior to internet music.”He sang it through the location Sparrowas the 26 September 2010 entry of his projectA people Song a Day.

This video clip shows Hunter"s Law(Gillian Frame, Bella Hardy, Siobhan Miller through James Lindsay and Mike Vass)perform Fair and also Tender Lovers in January 2015:

Georgia Lewis sang Fair and Tender Ladiesin 2015 on she eponymous EPGeorgia Lewis.

Lucy Ward sang Fair and Tender Ladieson she 2018 albumPretty Warnings.

Cambridge and Walker sang Come all Ye Fairon their 2021 CDWheel and also Dive.They noted:

Let No guy Steal your Thyme(Roud 3) is an old English song which revolutionized in the Appalachians intoFair and also Tender Ladies (Roud 451). Below they are united.


Peggy Seeger sings Come all Ye Fair and also Tender MaidensPeter Bellamy sings Fair and also Tender LadiesMaggie Holland sings Fair and also Tender LadiesJon Boden sings Sparrow

Come every ye fair and tender maidens, take it warning how you court your man, They"re prefer a star on a Summer"s evening, an initial appear and also then they"re gone.

Come every ye fair and also tender ladies, take warning just how you court young men. They"re choose a bright star top top a summer"s morning, They"ll an initial appear and then they"re gone.

They"ll tell come you some loving story, They"ll swear to you their love is true. Straightway they"ll go and court another, and that"s the love they have actually for you.

They"ll tell to you some lovin" story, explain to your their love is true. Straightway they"ll go and court some other and also that is the love the they have actually for you.

I wish I"d known before I courted, I never would have courted none. I"d locked my heart above a-courting and also fastened that up v a silver pin.

I wish i was a tiny sparrow, and also I had actually wings climate I can fly. I"d fly far to my false true lover and also when you speak I would certainly be by.

I wish i was a tiny sparrow the I had actually wings and also I can fly; I"d fly away to mine false true lover and also when he"d speak I would deny.

But i am no tiny sparrow, I have actually no wings neither can I fly, So ns sit down below in grief and also sorrow And try to pass my troubles by.

But ns am no no small sparrow, I have no wings, neither deserve to I fly. I"ll sit under here and also weep in sorrow, and also pass my troubles by and by.

Do friend remember ours days that courting as soon as your head to be upon mine breasts? You could make me believe that the sunlight in the morning and also the moon increased in the west.

Young girls, don"t actors your mind on beauty, for beauty will surely fade away. It"s many"s the bright and also the sunshiny morning turns out a dark and also a most mutinous day.

Come every you fair and also tender ladies, Be cautious courting a young men. He"s favor a star top top a summer"s morning, very first he"ll appear and then begone.

I wish i was a little sparrow, I had actually wings and also I could fly. I"d fly away to my own true lover and when she courted I"d be by.

When he an initial comes come you a-courting the laid his eye ~ above your breast Then you"ll think with his pleasant talking The sun might rise up in the west.

But i am no tiny sparrow, I gained no wing nor ns can"t fly. For this reason I"ll sit right below in grief and sorrow, for this reason I"ll sit right right here until die.

He"ll tell come you some an easy story, He"ll swear come you his love is true. Climate straightway go and court another That"s all the love he"ll have for you.

And I"ll go down to some lonesome valley, I"ll invest my months, mine weeks, my years. And I"ll eat nothing but green willow and I"ll drink nothing but my tears.

He"ll leave you weeping choose a willow, He"ll leave you mourn prefer a dove. He"ll leave you every alone come wander, Why, you space careless v your love.

I wish ns was some small sparrow, I had actually wings and also I could fly. I"d fly away to my very own true lover and when she courted I"d be by.

(repeat very first verse)

Stella Kimble and Pearl Richardson song Come All your Fair and Tender Ladies

Come every you fair and also tender ladies,Take warning exactly how you love young men.They are choose a bright star in a summer morning,They will appear and also then they"re gone.

They"ll laugh and talk and tell friend stories,Declare come you that they"ll prove true.Straightway they"ll go and also court another,That is the love they have actually for you.

I myself once had actually a lover,Indeed I assumed he to be my own.Straightway that went and also married another,Then left me below in storms come mourn.

I great I"d have known before I courted,How hard a point love is come win.I"d lock my heart in a chest the golden,And seal that up v a silver key.

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But because I"m filled through grief and also sorrow,I"ll sit and sing mine life away.There"s plenty of a dark and also stormy morning,Turns the end to be a bright and also pleasant day.

Spoken: thank goodness I got that again!

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