Salvadoran Diplomatic mission in the united States.

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top top this page you will discover info on certain details such together consulate call information, net presence, consular office hours and also directions to the consulate. The consulate in Brentwood is no the only diplomatic depiction of El Salvador in the joined States. On this page you can also find all various other Salvadoran consulates located in the unified States.


El Salvadoran Consulate basic in Brentwood, the joined States151 Alkier St.Brentwood, lengthy IslandNew York 11717United States


(+1) 631 273 1355(+1) 631 273 2256

(+1) 631 273 2430



Consulate Appointment

For an meeting at the Salvadoran consulate in the united States, please check in an initial instance the consulate website .

In the instance that you are not able to arrange one appointment v the website friend can call the consulate in Brentwood by telephone (+1) 631 273 1355(+1) 631 273 2256 or email consuladolongisland

Visa and also Passports

The consulate the El Salvador in Brentwood deserve to inform you about the scope of solutions they offer.

Always contact the Salvadoran consulate prior to a visit since not every consulate in the joined States uses visa and/or passport services.

Travel Insurance for the united States

A valid take trip insurance is very important as soon as you visit the unified States. Check for details on our take trip page

Opening Hours

Please note: Consulate opened hours can vary. Constantly contact the Consulate before a visit.

Salvadoran Consulates in the unified States

The Salvadoran Consulate in Brentwood is no the just Salvadoran consular office in the region. For her convenience us also provided below all various other consulates that El Salvador situated in the unified States. A Salvadoran consulate can be uncovered in the city of: Atlanta, Aurora, Boston, Brentwood, Chicago, Dale City, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, ras Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, new York, Newark, Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, mountain Diego, mountain Francisco, Seattle, St Louis, Tampa and also Tucson

Keep in mind the a consulate have the right to have an ext or less or various consular services.

Search your Hotel close to the Salvadoran Consulate in Brentwood

When you need to find a ar to stay close to the Salvadoran consulate we carry out a handy hotel find box because that accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse in Brentwood, the unified States.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Consulate that El Salvador in Brentwood could have adjusted its services because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Contact the consulate prior to visiting.

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