Consulate general of Mexico in Boston, Massachusetts situated at 55 Franklin Street, floor Floor. View bigger location map, gain driving directionsor check out address, phone, fax, email, office hours, main website, consular services, visa types, consular jurisdiction, social media channels, and head that mission (HOM).

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55 Franklin Street, floor FloorBoston MA 02110United States


(617) 426-4181 / 426-8782 / 426-4942 / 350-5263 / 350-5266


(617) 695-1957


Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Consular Jurisdiction

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, new Hampshire, Maine and also Vermont.


Office website


The complying with is a short listing of services that are available at Consulate general of Mexico in Boston, Massachusetts.

Process passport applicationsProcess visa applicationsNotarize certain documentsLegalization that documentsIssuing emergency take trip documentsRegistration the marriage, birth, and also deathAttestation the documentsAuthentication that documents

Common Visa Types

Citizens that qualified nations may be able to travel Mexico there is no a visa. The most common types of Mexico visas room the following.

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Tourist visaStudent visaFamily reunification visaFamily unit (with approval of Mexican immigrant Institute - NUT)Adoption visaTemporary resides visaPermanent resident visaPaid activities visa (with approval that Mexican immigrant Institute - NUT)Religious activities visaLost, steal or damage of momentary or permanent cardNon simple visas (Diplomatic, Official, etc.)

Besides Consulate general of Mexico in Boston, Massachusetts Mexico also has 50 depictions in the following cities of joined States:

All diplomatic missions of Mexico in unified States


Disclaimer: This is not the main website the the Consulate general of Mexico in Boston, Massachusetts. This website is presented for info purposes only. Info deemed reliable, however not guaranteed.

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