TheDominican Republic Consulate is in Chicago, through Gisselle Castillo-Veremis servingas the Consul general. The Consulate that Dominican Republic offers numerous servicesto the nationwide of Dominican Republic and also for various other citizens in theUnited States, such together Travel record renewal the Dominican Republic, emergencypassport Issuing, attestation certificates, visa requisites because that DominicanRepublic because that Diplomatic and also official passport holders, etc.

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Toallow for more ease the use and also access, the Embassy/Consulate has establishedmultiple Consulates across the country to market its solutions seamlessly.

What room the primary tasks performed by the Embassy/Consulateof the Dominican Republic located in Chicago, USA?

TheEmbassy/Consulate assists travelers from the United claims to the DominicanRepublic, and also vice versa. It likewise plays a main duty in the educational exchangeprogram, science, and also technical development, arts, and culture sponsored through theDominican Republic government.

What space the various other services readily available by the DominicanRepublic Consulate/ Embassy in Chicago?

Community Services:Consulate managing aiding the distressed the Dominican Republic woman, communitywelfare societies providing aid to the Dominican Republic diaspora, registrationof brand-new organization with the Dominican Republic Consulate, transport of mortalremains to the Dominican Republic through due respect, sending and also receiving legaldocuments/summons through Consulate

Commerce: Business news services, appointingCommercial representative, aiding the facility of new businesses in the USA,maintaining regulation that both export and import in coordination with USAauthorities, promotion of DominicanRepublic exporters and also manufacturers in the USA, promoting Investing in theDominican Republic, publishing list of exhibition and also trade fair in the DominicanRepublic

Education: PublishingDominican Republic centric activities in university and schools, giving noobjection certificate come students for study in the Dominican Republic, registrationof Dominican Republic college student aboard, examine in Dominican Republic promotion activities,doing a college student exchange program, offering science and also technology-relatedopportunities, academic research collaborations

What type of passport solutions are listed by the DominicanRepublic Embassy/Consulate?

Theprimary purposes of travel to the United claims by Dominican Republic nationals are tourism, higher education,employment, and other activities (such as parents visiting children, businessevents, etc.). In the unified States, any foreign resident requirements to own avalid travel document, or the traveler will be exile to their home country.If the take trip documents, such as a passport, gained expired or were lost, the Embassywould work to provide new records come the traveler and issue one emergency TravelDocument of Dominican Republic based upon the travel need of the applicant.

How countless Dominican Republic Consulates/Embassy is in theUnited says to offer travelers?

The Dominican Republic Consulate in Chicago (address detailed above) in addition to Six Consulates/Embassy spread throughout the nation to help travelers to and also from the Dominican Republic.

Addressof Dominican Republic Embassy in Washington D.C

Embassy the DominicanRepublic – Washington

1715 22nd St. NWWashington, DC 20008

Addressof Dominican Republic Consulate in new York

ConsulateGeneral the Dominican Republic – brand-new York

1501Broadway Ave., Suite 410

NewYork, NY 10036

Addressof Dominican Republic Consulate in Boston

ConsulateGeneral of Dominican Republic – Boston

20Park Plaza, Suite 601

Boston,MA 02116

Addressof Dominican Republic Consulate in new Orleans

ConsulateGeneral that Dominican Republic – brand-new Orleans

400Poydras Avenue, Suite 1520

NewOrleans, LA 70130

Addressof Dominican Republic Consulate Glendale

ConsulateGeneral the Dominican Republic – Glendale

500North Brand Blvd. Suite 960

Glendale,CA 91203

Addressof Dominican Republic Consulate Miami

ConsulateGeneral of Dominican Republic – Miami

1038Brickell Avenue

Miami,Florida 33131

Does a Consulate operate out that Chicago Consulate/Embassy?

Thereis no different Consular resolve in Chicago. Both Embassy and also Consular serviceoffice located in the same address

Can a traveler submit travel files to the DominicanRepublic Embassy/Consulate in Chicago?

Yes.The applicant deserve to visit visa centre of Dominican Republic for submission ofdocuments, and they should be submitted by visiting the Dominican Republic Embassy/Consulate in Chicago v the mail,In the instance of an e-visa because that Dominican Republic, a visit is not mandatory tothe Embassy, Consulate, or permitted visa agent for Dominican Republic.

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Can a traveler collect travel papers from the DominicanRepublic Embassy/Consulate in Chicago?

Yes, you need to visit the Dominican Republic Embassy/Consulate in Chicago to collect the records through mail. For electronic visa for Dominican Republic, friend don’t require to visit.

What is the Visa-Free Score of Dominican Republic Passports?

Dominican Republic passportsaccumulate points come every visa-free nation that determines go into withoutobtaining a visa or to obtain an come visa.

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