The Peru Consulate is in Los Angeles, through Gino Giorffino serving together the Consul general. The Consulate offers plenty of services come the Peruvian Nationals in the unified States, such as the Peruvian Travel file or Passport renewal, attestation certificates, emergency certificates, etc.

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What room the primary work performed by the Embassy/Consulate the Peru situated in Los Angeles, USA?

The Embassy/Consulate assists travelers native the United claims to Peru, and citizens travel from Peru come the unified States. It additionally plays a significant role in an educational exchange program sponsored by the Peru government. To permit for more ease that use and also access, the Embassy/Consulate has established multiple Consulates throughout the nation to offer services seamlessly.

What form of passport services are provided by the Peru Embassy/Consulate?

The major purposes of take trip to the United claims by Peru nationals space tourism, higher education, employment, and also other activities (such as parents visiting children, business events, etc.). In the united States, any type of foreign resident needs to own a valid travel document, or the traveler will certainly be deported to their house country. If the travel documents, such as a passport, expired, or to be lost, the Embassy would work to provide new records come the traveler.

How numerous Peru Consulates/Embassy is in the United states to offer travelers?

The Peru Consulate in Los Angeles (address provided above) in addition to nineteen Consulates/Embassy spread throughout the country assist travelers to and from Peru.

Embassy of Peru – Washington DC

1700 Massachusetts way NW

Washington, DC 20036

Consulate general of Peru – Atlanta

4360 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. Suite 580,

Atlanta, GA 30341

Consulate basic of Peru – Boston

20 Park Plaza, Suite 511,

Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Consulate general of Peru – Chicago

180 phibìc Michigan Ave. Suite 401,

Chicago, IL 60601

Consulate basic of Peru – Dallas

13601 reputation Rd. Suite E-650

Dallas, Tx, 75240

Consulate basic of Peru – Denver

6795 eastern Tennessee Avenue, Suite 550,

Denver CO 80224

Consulate basic of Peru – Houston

5177 Richmond Avenue, Suite 695,

Houston, Texas 77056

Consulate basic of Peru – Hartford

19 High St.,

Hartford CT.06103

Consulate general of Peru – new York

241 east 49th Street,

New York, NY 10017 USA

Consulate basic of Peru – Miami

1401 Ponce de Leon Blvd

Coral Gables, Florida 33134

Consulate general of Peru – Paterson

100 Hamilton Plaza Suite 1220,

Paterson, brand-new Jersey 07505, USA

Consulate basic of Peru – mountain Francisco

870 industry Street, Suite 1075

San Francisco, CA 94102

Consulate basic of Peru – Seattle

3717 NE 157th St.

Seattle, WA 98155

Honorary Consulate of Peru – Philadelphia

141 east Hunting Park

Philadelphia, PA 19124 – joined States

Honorary Consulate of Peru – Phoenix

6242 E, Arbor Ave Suite 118

Mesa Arizona 85206 united States

Honorary Consulate that Peru – Salt Lake City

320 West 200 south Suite 10

Salt Lake City UT 84101 joined States

Honorary Consulate that Peru – brand-new Orleans

3709 Lake Michel Court Gretna

Louisiana 70056 united States

Honorary Consulate of Peru – Sacramento

8135 Elder Creek Road, Suite 115

Sacramento California 95824 united States

Honorary Consulate that Peru – Tampa

2106 W bush Blvd Suite A

Tampa, FL 33612

Does a Consulate operate out the Los Angeles Consulate/Embassy?

There is no different consular resolve in Los Angeles. Both Embassy and Consular company office situated in the very same address

Can a traveler send travel documents to the Peru Embassy/Consulate in Los Angeles?

Yes. If the travel needs of the applicant need submission documents, they need to be it is registered by visiting the Peruvian center for Visa applications in Los Angeles in the situation of a Peruvian virtual e-visa, a visit is no mandatory come the Embassy, Consulate, or Peruvian permitted visa agent.

Can a traveler collect travel records from the Peru Embassy/Consulate in Los Angeles?

Yes, you need to visit the Peruvian facility for Visa applications in Los Angeles to collect the documents. For Peruvian virtual electronic-visa, you execute not call for to visit.

What are the hrs of procedure of the Peru Embassy/Consulate in Los Angeles?

Peruvian Embassy functioning hrs are 08:00 am to 01:00 PM. Consular business Hours are 08:00 am to 01:00 PM.

What days is the Embassy/Consulate open?

The Peru Embassy/Consulate operates Monday v Friday and is close up door on Saturdays, Sundays, and also public holidays.

On which holidays is the Embassy/Consulate closed?

The perform of holidays the Peru Consulate in Los Angeles observes have the right to be found at the attach below.

Are there any jurisdictional restrictions concerning services native the Peru Consulate/Embassy in Los Angeles?

Yes, only human being residing in the says under consular regulate of Peru Consulate, Los Angeles room eligible for services choose the problem of Peruvian Travel file or Passport and also visa services.

Which states are comes under the jurisdiction of the Peru Consulate/Embassy in Los Angeles?

TheLos Angeles Consulate covers the following states and also territories: Arizona and Southern California, the Counties that Imperial, Kern Counties, Los Angeles Counties, Orange Counties, Riverside Counties, san Bernardino Counties, san Diego Counties, mountain Luis Obispo Counties, Santa Bárbara Counties, and Ventura Counties.

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Is over there an emergency call number to reach the Los Angeles Consulate/Embassy?

For any type of emergency consular services, please contact number 213-235-6490. The number is easily accessible during weekends and other Embassy holidays.

Is over there a FAQ regarded the Embassy and Consulates?

What is the Visa-Free Score the Peru Passports?

Peru passports accumulate points to every visa-free nation that determines get in without obtaining a visa or to acquire an come visa.

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