Non-Billable code Non-Billable method the code is not adequate justification for admission to one acute care hospital when offered a primary diagnosis. Use a child code come capture an ext detail.

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7th Character forced Code needs 7th Character expansion identifier. This 7th character usually captures Episode of treatment information, such as "Initial Encounter," "Subsquent Encounter," or "Sequela." password S00.83 is a non-billable code. To password a diagnosis the this type, you should use point out a 7th personality that explains the diagnosis "contusion the other component of head" in much more detail. The 7th characters that can be added, and the result billable codes, space as follows:

7th digit Billable password 7th Digit mentions
A S00.83XA initial encounter Copy
D S00.83XD subsequent encounter Copy
S S00.83XS sequela Copy

What is 7th character Extension?

for codes much less than 6 characters that call for a 7th personality a placeholder "X" need to be assigned for all personalities less 보다 6. The 7th character must always be the 7th position of a code. E.g. The code T67.4 (Heat exhaustion due to salt depletion) calls for an illustration of care identifier. T67.4XXA Initial conference or T67.4XXD subsequent Encounter. More Info

A bruise, or contusion, is a kind of hematoma of organization in i beg your pardon capillaries and also sometimes venules space damaged by trauma, enabling blood to seep, hemorrhage, or extravasate right into the bordering interstitial tissues. Bruises, which carry out not blanch under pressure, have the right to involve capillaries at the level that skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, or bone. Bruises space not come be confused with other similar-looking lesions primarily differentiated by your by your diameter or causation. This lesions incorporate petechia (1cm led to blood dissecting with tissue airplane and settled in one area remote from the website of trauma or pathology such together periorbital ecchymosis, i.e.,"raccoon eyes" , occurring from a basilar skull fracture or native a neuroblastoma).

Specialty:Emergency Medicine
MeSH Codes:D003288,D003288,D003288,D003288,D003288 9 Codes:920,921,922,923,924

Coding Notes for S00.83 details for clinical coders on exactly how to effectively use this password

Inclusion Terms:
Inclusion terms inclusion Terms are a perform of principles for i beg your pardon a certain code is used. The list of Inclusion state is valuable for determining the correct code in some cases, but the perform is not necessarily exhaustive.

Related ConceptsSNOMET-CT

Contusion the face, scalp and also neck, excluding eye(s) (disorder)

Coding AdviceSNOMET-CT

illustration of treatment information needed feasible requirement for an external cause code alphabetical Index recommendations for "S00.83 - Contusion that other part of head"

The alphabetical Index web links the below-listed clinical terms come the code S00.83. Click on any term below to browser the alphabet index.

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