Diplomatic depiction of Croatia. Information on consular services of the Consulate the Croatia in brand-new York. Top top this website girlfriend will uncover general information about the Consulate that Croatia in brand-new York.

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Consulate basic of Croatia in new York, United claims - 820 2nd Avenue 18th floor - brand-new York, NY, 10017 - unified States

Telephone Number:

(+1) 212 599 3066

Fax Number:

(+1) 212 599 3106



Consulates in brand-new YorkNew York is the many populous city of the us state of new York.Many consulates in new York provide a wide range of consular solutions to new York citizens as well as foreigners located or visiting brand-new York because that tourist objectives or organization activities.When you room in new York and in need of consular help from the Croatia consulate friend should call them directly.Assistance by the Croatia Consulate in brand-new YorkFor added consulate information please contact the Croatia consulate directly. Once there is no Croatia Consulate located in brand-new York you can either call a consulate in a neigboring state or call the embassy in Washington.

: We administer general data about the foreign Consulates in brand-new York and we have no association through the brand-new York Consulates featured top top this site.

Consulates located in new York - In the United states a solitary Embassy of foreign (or guest) countries is not huge enough to handle all the essential services countrywide detailed by one Embassy. Hence, the need for smaller, regionally located branches, i beg your pardon are dubbed Consulates, enabling local residents and also guest nation nationals diplomatic assistance at local level. A brand-new York Consulate can be likened to branch offices or satellites that the international country"s Embassies themselves, which, typically, are situated in Washington DC. A brand-new York Consulate would generally be top by one ex-patriate national and frequently engaging regional staff.

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Assistance by a brand-new York consulate - and firstly cultivating the interests and image of the representing country, a brand-new York Consulate would usually sell the majority of services listed by their parent Embassy in Washington, however at neighborhood levels for convenience, often giving more rapid service, such together in the supplication of new and instead of passports, issuing the visas, in addition to all elements of other basic consular services obtainable to brand-new York citizens. For every consular matters and also for additional consulate information please contact the brand-new York consulate office straight either by email or phone.

www.medtox.org - This is no the main website the the Croatia Consulate in the unified States. This website is in no method or type affiliated with the consular room of the consulate in new York. If you have any kind of requirements because that consular services you need to contact the consulate that Croatia in new York directly.disclaimer