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INSIDE: once you suffer from headaches, you"ll shot anything to mitigate the pain. Fortunately, nature has provided a basic solution. Try these healing crystals because that headaches because that some organic relief.

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Headaches. Migraines. Sinus pressure.

For many of us, we have actually that pounding pain behind our eye or in between our forehead and also skull that just seems to never let up. Going v life with disastrous headaches is, to placed it simply, the worst.

While, you need to seek a doctor’s advice, there space a lot of of straightforward ways come naturally reduce headaches as well, such together reducing stress, getting much more sleep, functioning out, or drink tea and also other natural remedies.

However, occasionally these remedies no enough.

When it pertains to a natural means to clear out headaches, crystals are absolutely one the the ideal natural options out there.

So, let"s find the best crystals because that headaches, and how to use crystals because that headaches...

Why usage Healing Crystals for Headaches?

There are many purported ways that crystals can help reduce headaches. 

One idea is that crystals align the chakras in the body. Chakras allow for the flow of power in the human body from the optimal of the head every the method down come the waist and also tailbone. Crystals manage that circulation of energy.

Another concept is that the molecule of crystals vibrate a specific frequency and also that ours body has actually a frequency too. If we align the crystal v our body, the vibrations sync up, providing substantial benefits.

A final theory is the crystals are all placebo. On other words, we believe they work, so they do because of the extremely an effective self-healing ability our body have. A research done in 2001 backs up that claim.

No issue what you believe, crystals have the right to have tremendous impacts on your headaches.

12 ideal Crystals because that Headaches

Here are several of our favorite crystals because that headaches. Which one calls come you?



Amethyst is a rock of contentment and also spirituality. The is thought that its iron content, which causes its violet color, resonates well with the brain.

It dispels an unfavorable energy and also energy blockages, which may be bring about pain. For the reason, that is often thought about one the the traditional go-to healing crystals for headaches.

One method to use an Amethyst is to lay flat on your back and then place it top top your third eye, the chakra located in between your eyebrows. Place it over there for five minutes and also see if you experience relief from that stubborn headache.


Citrine is a range of Quartz. The is known to it is in an energizer, boosting positivity in every part of our lives, as it is the shade of the sun and also holds few of its energy.

This crystal is ideal at relieving headaches the are resulted in by anxiety in the neck and also upper back. Muscle that are tense over there will regularly strain the forehead and cause forehead pain.

One the the best ways to use Citrine is come wear it in a necklace; the proximity to the ago and neck will assist with the tension.



Another member that the Quartz family, Ametrine balances feminine and masculine energies to administer relief from tension and a fingerprint mind the is harmonized.

As such, when Ametrine isn’t typically used come treat a headache itself, it is useful for clearing the mind and also finding the source of the stress that is resulting in the headache.

Try placing the on your 3rd eye because that maximum benefits.

Clear Quartz

The “master healer,” Clear Quartz is recognized to assist with all body pain and also problems. As such, the a good tool because that headaches. That vibrational frequency can carry balance to every one of the chakras.

It is also an amplifier, which means using it with various other crystals will certainly serve to improve their heal properties. 

Place clear Quartz on any type of of her chakra clues or meditate v it when using one of the many other crystals because that headaches.

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is one more amplifier the energy. While best known for its nature in increasing and also aiding with love and positivity, it"s additionally a drainer. That drains negative energy far from the body.

Rose Quartz deserve to be offered in associate with other stones. However, among its ideal uses is come lie flat and also place the allude of rose quartz to her forehead through the back of the crystal facing away. That will suck the end the an adverse energy and expel it into the air.


Emerald is more of a preventer than a curer. That is ideal at helping us preserve calming level in the lengthy run. Because of this, it’s finest to have actually it on you at all times.

Wear Emerald in earrings, together its mere presence there can relieve migraines. Alternatively, lug an Emerald tumbled stone in your pocket transparent the day.

Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli, the rock of friendship and truth, and also it"s ideal at addressing imbalances.

If you have nausea v your headache, chances are Lapis Lazuli can assist you out. Dispersing an unfavorable energy from all of your chakras, but especially your third eye, this stone targets the resource of nausea and also disperses it.

Lapis Lazuli is finest used by placing that on the third eye for fifteen minutes. Because of its capability to disperse nausea, too, it is among the ideal healing crystals because that headaches the are resulted in by term or hormonal issues.



Selenite is white, ethereal, and beautiful. It"s just what you might need for her headache.

This stone is an experienced healer for the crown chakra, however it works rather by releasing your stagnant energy and also loosening your chakras.

Selenite is useful if you have trouble resting as a result of headaches, as it will aid you relax and also sleep better.


Amber is fossilized tree resin. It’s ideal for emotional blockages as result of its natural qualities.

If your headache is being led to by familial or partner stress, try out amber and see if its organic abilities can’t work out your emotionally blockages.

Place it on her forehead and let its organic oil work-related its magic.



Aquamarine works in different ways than few of the various other crystals because that headaches. Quite than balancing the crown or the 3rd eye, it works come balance the throat chakra.

Use it for that sinus and also throat pain that appears to just be wearing away at girlfriend by laying flat and placing the on your neck.



Hematite is good for ground connection us and locating us back to the planet after using other crystals. 

This stone is best used with other crystals because that headaches, together a follow-up and end to dealing with with various other crystals.


Chrysocolla is a two-for-one stone; the helps with both the neck chakra and also the heart chakra. This can twin its effect for a headache, especially if the is a result of emotional turmoil.

To usage Chrysocolla because that a headache, please one ~ above the throat and also one on the love while relaxing.

How to usage Crystals because that Headaches

We"ve currently outlined above some the the best ways to use each individual decision to mitigate a headache. Below are some ways you deserve to use them in general...

Place castle on the Area the Pain

One of the ideal uses for tumbled stones is to location them best on the area wherein you are feeling the headache pain. They room cool come touch, which will certainly feel good, and also their frequency will get to job-related balancing the end the pain.

Carry them in your Pockets

Place small crystals because that headaches in your pockets throughout the day. This way, your power system will advantage from them every day long.

Meditate v Them

Meditate while holding a decision for headaches or location one ~ above your third eye as you mediate. Imagine the power from the stone pouring into your head, reduce the ache and removing the problem.

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Final Thoughts 

There you have actually it! With these crystals for headaches, you deserve to enjoy one of nature"s finest solutions because that headaches and migraines. Don’t be fear to shot out lot of stones to see what functions for you.