If girlfriend or a nearby relative have actually been abused you might want to know what the VAWA visa is.Victims that abuse in the united States have actually the right to file an immigrant visa application under theImmigration and also Nationality Act.

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The Violence versus Women plot (VAWA) to be passed by the united state Congress in 1994. As the immigrant Act (INA) was amended, a new appendix was included to protect foreign victims of abuse.

Those world who room abused by their very own close family members can obtain legal status in this way.Thus, the dependency partnership with the aggressor (citizen or irreversible resident) that urges the abuse, can cease.

Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles at Lluis Law have aided abused immigrant for over 40 years. Our family-run legislation firm with immigrant roots has actually represented numerous victims and also helped them protect their rights. 

What is the VAWA visa program?

A visa for domestic violence, i m sorry protects women, their children and also parents.At the same time, this regimen sanctions abusive couples and seeks a adjust of mindset at home.

The defense VAWA visa offers to women is expressed together follows:

It develops responsibilities for abusive couples for the crime lock commit.Victims are exempt from paying for abuse exams or protective bespeak services.It ensures victims tranquility of mind, by requiring the they be known and totally comply through the protection order transparent the country.Increase prices of prosecuted and also sentenced cases.The level that awareness of domestic violence among the authorities (police, prosecutors and judges) increases.

How does VAWA assist victims of residential violence?

The criminal and also civil laws of the joined States recognize the rights of people regardless that their immigrant status.In this sense, the VAWA visa increases the degree of defense for victims of domestic violence by guaranteeing:

Legal defense for women and also their children.Right to file for divorce and separate there is no obtaining spousal consent.Right come share marital property.Right to request and also receive jae won support and also request custody of the children.

For an ext information on this points, consult a VAWA visa Los Angeles attorney.At Lluis Law, we have actually assisted and represented numerous victims that abuse by their spouses.We recognize perfectly the options that you can have at residence andhow to gain a environment-friendly Cardfor residential violence.


VAWA visas for situations in marriages between same-sex couples are comparable to those in marriages in between men and also women.LGBT victim of domestic violence (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) reap the same security rights.

They should be of great moral character and not have gone into the United states illegally.However, there may be exceptions in these cases for which the is vital to top your immigration attorney.

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If friend or a love one is gift a victim of residential violence and needs to record a VAWA case, speak to us.If friend prefer, you can also visit our office in downtown Los Angeles.With us you will have a top quality legal representation, effective and at a very reasonable cost.