MAYFIELD BRANCHOurMayfield BranchInnovation Centeroffers access to 3-D printing, Adobe style software and a selection of devices for exploring computer system programming basics, circuit building, robotics and digital making.

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PLEASE NOTE: All innovation Centers near 15 minutes before the branch closes. Watch our daily hours that operationhere.


Orientation |Equipment |Materials Cost |Recommend Resources


Before you deserve to use the Mayfield BranchInnovation Center, friend mustcomplete a requiredorientation course that will certainly acquaint you with our procedures, equipmentand software.FIND A CLASS

After you have completed your orientation class, you re welcome print and fill out these forms. The completed creates must be returned to the branch where you attend orientation.


MAKERBOT fifth GENERATION 3-D printer Create a 3-D prototype of your product idea. Design and print tradition projects.ROBOT eight MOVER Program the arm to complete simple and complicated tasks.LEGO® EV3 ROBOTS Build and also program robots come complete an easy and complex tasks.DIGITAL video clip FLEX CAMERA MICROSCOPET-SHIRT warmth PRESSCreate custom t-shirts because that your business or personal use.HPT790PSLARGE style PRINTERPrint banners, maps, an accurate plansand more. As much as 2400 dpi and up to 24\" wide. Print TIFF, JPEGand PDF files straight from a USB drive, no computer required.CRICUT WIRELESS handmade CUTTING MACHINECuts paper, vinyl, fabric and an ext to do invitations, cards, house décor, etc.EPILOG MINI 18 LASER ENGRAVERHigh top quality engraving and cutting that wood, acrylicsand more. High detail engraving also at more quickly speeds.CODING & PROGRAMMING EQUIPMENTArduinosOpen-source digital prototyping communication for developing interactive digital objects.Raspberry Pi'sThese credit transaction card-size computer systems are perfect for discovering coding languages used for computer system programming.littleBitsUse these electronic structure blocks to produce your very own inventions.

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Snap CircuitsUse color-coded kits to build circuits and experiment v motors, resistors, capacitors, and also more. Safe for kids.MAC & PC computer systems WITH ADOBE an imaginative CLOUD SOFTWARECreate her own company logo, or product design; contains Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop and more. HEAVY DUTY SEWING MACHINEDIGITAL drawing TABLETINKJET PRINTERPrint, scan and also copy in black and white and color top top sizues as much as 11\" x 17.\"


​Colors are subject to change based on availability.

VINYL​Sticker Vinyl•10 cents per linear inch ($1 minimum)​•Colors:White, sunflower, actual red, orange, balloon gum, sapphire blue, lime tree green,green, black, silver, gold, merlotHeat deliver Vinyl •50 cent per direct inch ($1 minimum)•Colors:White, black color PRINTINGAvailable in color and black and also white​Large layout Printing•50 cents per direct inchInkjet layout Printing•35 cent per page3-D PRINTING​PLA Filament•10 cent per gram ($1 minimum)•​Colors:True red, true blue, true green, true yellow, true orange, true purple, true black,true white, cool gray, warmth gray, herbal clearPLYWOOD•$5 per item of Baltic birch (12\" x 12\")•PLA Filament— 10 cent per gram ($1 minimum)•​Thickness: 1/8\" and also 1/4\"