D.B. Cooper is wild and also conservative, smart and stupid, careful and courageous. He has imagination, determination, and also an adjustable conscience. You\"ve got to prefer him and also despise him. He is a pirate, a friend, a schemer, a medicine dealer, a nurturer, a murderer, a family man. And also now--a writer? the an attractive tale. But D.B. Cooper is not a story character, that is real. That planned and also schemed and also prepared to hijack a plane, climate did it and got away with it. Look that up--it was in all the papers, top top television, in conversations about the country, about the world. World will to speak D.B. Cooper, Where space You is fiction, the is some writer\"s fanciful account that what may have actually happened could be. You understand what castle say around becoming a writer. Write around what girlfriend know. Seems favor Walter provide knows means too much around skyjacking and also growing pot. Kind of choose D.B. Cooper.

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Jul 1, 2008

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Walter Grant

Walter's thirst for expertise took him to more than thirties countries and also required that to stand on the really spot wherein mythology teaches us European background began. Native the hillside capital of Liguria he looked the end over what to be once well-known as the Republic of Genoa wherein Columbus collection sail because that Japan and made landfall in the brand-new world. The stood in historical Jamestown, satellite in the house of Burgesses at colonial Williamsburg, and in freedom Hall where the seed of freedom took root. Throughout these experience his psychic melded with those patriots desiring liberty at any kind of cost. Castle conveyed their dreams and their fears—especially your fears. V the joining of minds these patriots demanded the resurrect the insurance policy collection in motion by the starting Fathers—The Club.

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DB Cooper Where space You - Walter Grant



There space movies and also documentaries around me. Books and also songs have actually been written around me. Numerous posts have showed up in newspapers and also magazines around me. Several people claimed to have actually known me when others have actually actually asserted to be me.

Many theories are floating around: some say i bailed the end over Lake Oswego, Oregon, i beg your pardon accounts for money turning up in the Columbia River. Some say I\"m in ~ the bottom of Lake Merwin. Others believe I jumped 30 mile north that Portland, Oregon and also walked back to my house in Woodland, Washington where I tho live today. One FBI agent even cases he eliminated me once he shot another man.

I am acquiring on in years and also have chose it is time to set the record straight and tell my very own story. The decision did no come easily; part of me desires to keep the an enig alive and leave anyone to their own conclusions. We space all mindful of the an obstacle of keeping a secret, even when that is in our own ideal interest. Emotionally weakness ultimately won out over logic.

By telling my own story I have nothing come gain and also everything to lose—my freedom, a beautiful and also loving wife, and also a comfortable, if no luxurious, way of life in a peaceful part of the country. The FBI fee me through hijacking Northwest Orient trip 305 the day before the statute of limitations ran out, therefore a warrant for my arrest is still on the books and also can, and also I suspect will, be served if and also when ns am found.

What ns hope to-do by telling my very own story is come alert youngsters to exactly how a solitary stupid, spur-of-the-moment decision have the right to snowball and also lead downhill come the point of no return. Through a near-death experience I was able to rotate my life around, and also although ns live comfortably i am no free. I am a wanted man constantly looking over my shoulder.

DB Cooper

A Taste the Candi

The sunlight was hanging only a couple of degrees above the jagged peaks that the Kohala hills by the time I got to the narrow strip of sand separating the tropical from the Pacific Ocean—evening was on the way, with night not far behind. I quit in a dense area the palms and deposited mine last load of bricks within a wooden crate with the remainder of the bags, and also then changed the palm fronds to camouflage the box prior to heading because that the beach.

It had been a long day and also I was prepared for some rest and relaxation. The be safe I had in mind had just caught a wave about 30 yards out—waves damaged close to coast in this small cove. Candi was a sunlight worshiper with lengthy black hair and was often mistaken for a local. She evenly tanned body, glowing gold in the lingering beam of sunlight as she slipped her board along the challenge of the wave, was a testament to her love that nature and disdain for swimsuits. Together I watched her work the wave, ns wondered what i would have been doing, wherein I would have actually been, and also what mine life would have actually been like had that fateful meeting which seemed like just yesterday, but in fact was a lifetime earlier never occurred. She spotted me and also headed toward the beach. As soon as the wave petered out she eased herself into the water and waded ashore, walked up the coast to in ~ 3 feet of whereby I sat, dropped her board onto the sand and slowly sank to her knees. Her eyes sparkled together she asked, girlfriend tired?

Not the tired, ns answered.

That devilish tiny smile i had come to know so fine played throughout her lips together she arched her body and also leaned backward. Tilting she head also further ago she carried both arms up and while getting to behind she head gathered up she hair and also gave that a couple of twists before bringing it approximately in front of her. She offered it a couple of more twists to squeeze out the water, and then leaning forward, let walk of her hair, shook it loose and as she straightened up, tossed she head, flipping the hair behind she back. This exhibition had actually nothing to carry out with drying her hair, it was all for mine pleasure. Candi knew I enjoyed visually experimenting her body and indulged me at every opportunity.

As night fell, ns leaned ago on mine elbows and while my eye played slowly across her curvaceous silhouette my think drifted ago to the an initial time i glimpsed Candi\"s exquisite body; the moment and also image had been burned for every eternity right into the ferrite cores of my brain.

Candi to be the kind of girl young men\"s mother warn them about and pray your sons will never bring home because that Sunday dinner—she was likewise the form of girl young guys hope come encounter and experience at the very least once prior to they end up being old men. The minute I laid eye on her ns knew she to be trouble, however the pleasures she readily available far outweighed the numerous perils that would surely follow. Throughout those couple of brief seconds as soon as our eye met and locked, invitations and also promises to be exchanged and understood without the benefit of words or gestures. Five yeah, she to be trouble, however I didn\"t care, she to be the woman of mine dreams and also she was around to do all my fantasies come true. Small did I recognize that comparable thoughts were running through her mind. She had actually dreams and also fantasies of she own, however her dreams and fantasies walk far beyond what I might have ever before imagined.

She was dancing in a topless bar on Tacoma\"s seedy southern side, a noisy, smoke-filled dive frequented by hard-drinking GIs from nearby Fort Lewis. Everyone had actually their reason for spending Saturday night in among the shabbiest areas on the strip. Some, with no ar to go and also nothing to do, to be there the end of habit—others were there in search of their own dreams and fantasies, which they hoped to find with the following round but in their hearts knew would never ever materialize. A couple of lifers were there come recall the an excellent old days that lay concealed in the party on its way to their table. Me, i was over there to get stinking, lousy, passed-out-on-the-floor drunk. Morning morning, with blurry vision, a splitting headache, and also a busted wallet I would board a Tan boy Nhut-bound C-141 Starlifter at McCord Air force Base. However all that was forgotten once the spotlights concentrated my attention on the exotic Candi undulating sensuously top top a small stage in the center of the smoke-filled room. What i didn\"t know was that my life was around to readjust forever.

I was heading because that a table in a rear edge where ns wasn\"t most likely to be disturbed—only significant drinkers satellite at rear tables in a topless bar on amateur night—and was just passing the stage as soon as the spotlights came on. When I looked increase I found myself staring into two dark, bewitching eyes that in one brief moment looked into the depth of my very soul and also read my every thought. Our minds merged, our thinking ended up being a single procedure and in the one fleeting minute she shed her dreams and desires into my subconsciousness.

An hour ago getting drunk was the just thing I had actually been thinking about—now it to be the furthest point from my mind. I pulled a pack of Raleighs indigenous the front bag of my denim coat and, performing a ritual practiced because I to be a teenager, tore turn off the corner of the pack and also banged it against my finger until a tobacco popped out about an inch, then held the fill to my mouth and slowly traction it away, leaving the tobacco dangling between my lips. Ns tossed the fill of Raleighs top top the table and also using only one hand, removed a book of matches indigenous the exact same front pocket of mine denim jacket, opened the cover, moved a single match far from the remainder of the matches, close up door the cover, bent the complement in fifty percent and compelled the head that the match across the highlight strip v my thumb. Ns waited until the initial flare the the ignited enhance died down, climate touched my tobacco to the flame. After filling my lungs with smoke and also without removing the tobacco from mine mouth, I go out out the match and then, tho using just one hand, tore turn off the invested match, dropped it into the ash tray, and also tossed the match-book ~ above the table next to the Raleighs. I filled my lungs v smoke again, permit a generosity amount the Wild Turkey trickle down my throat, leaned back, go out a exhilaration ring in ~ the ceiling, and waited. I knew the wait wouldn\"t be long, but already it seemed choose an eternity. Ns watched anxiously as she approached and slipped right into the chair directly opposite me. She eyes sparkled and also a devilish smile played across her lips together she asked, What bring a pretty boy choose you to a ar like this?

The flimsy robe left little to the imagination. I let an additional swig the Wild Turkey lie on my palate for a few seconds before enabling it to ooze past my gullet, then leaned forward relaxing my elbow on the table and also waited a few seconds to offer my answer more impact, naughty girls prefer you.

We were both being sort in referring to one one more with the boy and girl routine; she remained in her late twenties and I had actually just commemorated my thirty-first birthday.

While pretending to it is in unaware her robe had fallen open, she invited me come look inside together she leaned throughout the table and placed she elbows only a couple of inches away from mine and also asked, perform you think I\"m a mischievous girl?

I welcomed her invitation and tilted my head to emphasize the suggest of staring within her open up robe long sufficient to do my intentions obvious, then slowly brought my eyes earlier up to satisfy her inquisitive stare and also let a smile, which ns hoped was as devilish together hers, play throughout my very own lips for several seconds before I finally answered, I certainly hope so.

She feigned an attempt to traction the robe closed and said, Well, currently that we\"ve gained that out of the way, what\"s your name?

D. B. Cooper, what\"s yours?

Candice Jackson, but my friends contact me Candi. What\"s DB was standing for?


Nothing? I\"ve never ever heard of anybody not having a name.

I\"ve got a name, it\"s DB

I guess i sounded a little irritated due to the fact that she lowered her voice and also said, i didn\"t typical to violation you; it\"s simply that I\"ve never met anyone with an early name.

I lifted mine hands off the table a couple of inches and also turned castle palms increase in among those it-ain\"t-no-big-thing gestures anyone interprets as It\"s okay. She looked in ~ me because that a couple of seconds, leaned forward and let the mischievous small smile play throughout her lips for several seconds. Oh, come on, it needs to stand for something. Why didn\"t her parents provide you a real name?

I leaned forward together though ns was around to divulge some earthshaking secret and asked, do you really want to know?

Well, she hesitated because that a moment and shrugged. You\"ve gained to admit, it\"s not every job you run into someone with just letters for a name.

I leaned even closer until my confront was only inches from hers, lower my voice come a whisper and also asked, execute you promise come never bring it up again?

She put her appropriate hand up also with she face, put her left hand above her heart and also said, i promise.

You won\"t tell anyone?


Cross your heart and hope to die? She make a large X on she chest and repeated the phrase, overcome my heart and also hope come die.

Okay, I\"ll call you.

I took in a deep breath and also let it the end slowly, looked around in every directions, together though ns was making sure no one was close sufficient to hear and then leaned forward and also in a voice, meant to sound as though ns was embarrassed said, shortly after i was born and also my mom was holding me because that the first time, a nurse looked in ~ me and also said, what a darling baby,’ and from that moment on mine mother called me D.B because that darling baby. Later, when the doctor asked what name to put on the birth certificate, my mom answered there is no hesitation, ‘D. B. Cooper.’

For a minute I can have sworn Candi\"s eyes misted over. She sighed, got to across, put her hand top top mine and, in a tender voice whispered, That\"s just around the sweetest story I\"ve ever heard.

Well, don\"t go about repeating it, okay?

I\"ll never mention it again.

As a waitress approached, Candi proclaimed in a hushed voice, If friend don\"t to buy me a drink I\"ll have to sit at one more table, it\"s a home rule, including quickly, ns don\"t desire to sit at one more table.

She looked in ~ me with large sad eyes and also pleaded, will you buy me a drink?

I knew i wasn\"t the an initial guy to hear the line, but it didn\"t matter; i was play my own game. It\"s the same almost everywhere the world, human being in bars pat games. It\"s to it is in expected. It\"s component of the scene. I had no doubt Candi to be very great at games. Sure, I\"ll buy girlfriend anything you want. What execute you want?

She hesitated for only a moment prior to saying, one more life.

Her eyes were pleading and also I knew she was serious when she asked, D. B. Cooper, will you buy me another life?

The period for little talk had actually ended; it to be time to reduced to the chase, for this reason I moved my advantage.

You already know the concern I\"m around to ask, don\"t you?

Sure. You want to understand what\"s in it for you, so walk ahead and also ask.

She had gone means beyond her regular game that hustling drinks and I had no doubt she to be dead serious about wanting a brand-new life and had already decided, long before approaching my table, that ns was her ticket. Okay, what\"s in it because that me?

All the points you dream about and things you never ever imagined.

Even if I\"d wanted to refuse her sell it would have actually been impossible, but I had actually no on purpose of refusing. Ns was passionate to accept. I had no doubt she to be a witch and had actors a spell end me, however it didn\"t matter—I had gone under that willingly.

Candice Jackson, friend just acquired yourself a new life.

The waitress carefully laid the end two tiny cocktail napkins and then inserted another dual shot of Wild Turkey in front of me, and also a rum and coke, which ns knew was all coke, in former of Candi—girls hustling in bars rarely obtain alcohol in your drinks. When I reduce a twin sawbuck on the offer tray and also told the waitress to keep the change she offered me a huge smile together with the automatic say thanks to you, and glanced in ~ Candi through a elevated eyebrow—I knew through a tip that size she obtained the message and also wouldn\"t interrupt united state again. For the next twenty minutes i nursed my whiskey while us exchanged thumbnail accounts of our past lives. I didn\"t know how much, if anything, that what she was informing me was the truth, and I wonder if she suspected me the lying to her. My guess was she thought every word, if because that no various other reason than that she want to think me.

Lying came simple for me, I had actually been lying because I left home and took pride in being able to fabricate a story, on the spot, around anything and everything and convince civilization it was the gospel. I don\"t know why I\"d lied around my name and wondered what she would have actually said had actually she known DB was quick for dust bag, a name held on me by Drill Instructor Cooper in straightforward training. Making use of D. B. Cooper as a bar video game alias was just my method of taking a shot in ~ my old drill instructor. Lying appeared the thing to carry out in the beginning and also now, together one lie resulted in another, and also plans to be being created the remainder of the night, it seemed unwise to change horses in midstream. Initially I had figured on a onenight stand in i beg your pardon lying, top top both sides, was component of the game, yet planning had rapidly increased to include tomorrow and before long we to be talking around next week, climate Christmas and also News Year\"s Eve. Unexpectedly I realized i was just as serious around the planning and scheming as Candi and I knew ns wouldn\"t it is in on board the large C-141 cargo plane, moving my unit to Saigon, once it lifted off from McCord Air force Base.

I would certainly be provided as AWOL and also with mine unit on its way to Viet Nam, i would more than likely be provided as a deserter together well. This being the case, it would be much safer for me if Candi knew nothing about me or mine past. My lies would certainly be her truth. This way there would be no chance of her giving me away either accidentally or, need to things not revolve out the means she envisioned, top top purpose. However, the most important reason, at the moment, for proceeding the lie to be to make sure I acquired a taste the Candi.

Covering the Bases

Every occasion in mine life appeared to start with, end with, and evolve around a woman. Fairy story all began with when upon a time— chapters of my life started with, There to be this girl. I took a bite of mine hamburger, popped a French fry right into my mouth, and also thought around the past few hours. Ns couldn\"t believe I was going AWOL. And for what, a few nights in a bar girl\"s bed? one of two people I had actually lost what small sanity I ever possessed or she was, indeed, a witch. It didn\"t issue now, the was as well late to be having second thoughts. I had actually gone far beyond the allude of no return and was doomed to everything fate awaited me. I just hoped I\"d spanned all the bases.

Now the our plans, born out of coincidence and also emotion, were established and set firmly in hope and also promise, I set out to take treatment of some loosened ends. If i was come be effective in shedding my old identity and also becoming D. B. Cooper I had to produce a series of situations that would certainly be at least a diversion and hopefully convincing sufficient to anyone investigate my disappearance to conclude i was dead.

Any military town or city seems to have more than its re-superstructure of unscrupulous world who do a habit out of preying ~ above GIs. Countless of these world are in the car repair business. I determined to make their greed and dishonesty work-related to my advantage. I knew money to be going to be a trouble until I could get myself reestablished, and although I had actually cashed my army paycheck earlier in the day and also still had actually the money in my pocket, I wanted to placed my hand on as lot cash as feasible within the next couple of hours. GIs always seemed to require money and word of wherein to go and also who come see when this require arises circulated frequently in the armed forces community. I stopped at one such establishment, and also using mine Chevron map purchased four of the many expensive tires I might buy. With mounting, balancing, and road risk insurance the bill pertained to a little over four hundred dollars. However, the male didn\"t put the tires on my car—he gave me 3 hundred dollars in cash. The difference went into the attendant\"s pocket, no the owner\"s cash register. I supplied my Union 76 map to make a comparable deal at one more gas station. Mine BankAmericard was practically maxed out and only netted me a hundreds bucks, yet counting the cash left from mine paycheck I now had an ext than twelve hundred dollars in cold tough cash.

I drove to a supermarket parking lot and also took all the money out of my wallet, put 5 twenty-dollar receipt in each of the 2 front pockets on my denim jacket, slipped turn off my boots, split the remainder of the money equally, pushed it down into the bottom of my socks, climate pulled my boots ~ above again. The an initial part of my plan had gone and also could be expected. Now came the critical part.

I pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward an area that town whereby anyone alone and also on foot this time that night could easily discover himself in harm\"s way. I drove around until I situated a bus stop. According to the schedule, the next bus to be due in about twenty-five minutes. I drove earlier to a bar I had spotted earlier. The only light to