"If i Told You" was the debut solitary from Darius Rucker's 2017 album When to be the last Time. Return the tune wasn't written by Rucker -- Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally and Jon Nite are the tunesmiths behind the tune -- it's among the most personal songs, Rucker says, that has ever before recorded.

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Below, Rucker and the writers of "If i Told You" recall to The Boot and other reporters the job they created "If ns Told You."

Shane McAnally: The idea was just tossed around: "If you knew everything around me, and also if ns really said you who I was, would certainly you tho love me?" we all believed that to be a really cool idea for a song.

It’s personal to all of us, and it just felt prefer it simply rolled. I don’t think there was some big story about someone acquiring hung increase on different things. We just kind that did it ... There’s certainly pieces of all of us in there.

Ross Copperman:  dubbed Shane as soon as he heard the song and said, "Shane, ns can’t think you wrote my life story. I wasn’t also there to tell it. How did friend know?" precise every line, Darius relates come -- every line throughout.

McAnally: The song -- it had been around -- meaning, the wasn’t brand-new. I actually think it to be a small too an individual for many people. It would need to be somebody who might relate to it.

I think it’s an extremely vulnerable; ns think it’s a brave tune to to speak those points opening the song: "What if ns told you about the two-room shack I come from and the man that I get my name from / i don’t even know where he is now." It would be hard for simply anyone to say that.

I was just excited due to the fact that we wrote v Ross. As soon as Ross is walking to develop a track, i feel very -- I recognize that he’s walking to get the best sounds, the ideal vocals, and also this is no exception. Darius sounds exceptional on it. It breaks my love in the ideal way. I was simply glad to recognize that somebody was brave sufficient to reduced it.

Darius Rucker: It was a stunner moment, since we were in search of songs and also sitting around, and that one to be played because that me and instantly -- and also I mean instantly -- i really said to mine manager, “No one rather is cutting this?” He’s like, “No, it involved you.”

I was blown away because, indigenous the opened line, ns thought, “This is my life.” ns remember the very first time I gained to the chorus, i said, “Stop it. Let’s reduced it ideal now.” It’s really a song that I thought was written for me.

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For me, “What if i told you about my tiny nothing town / The two-room house where I come from / The man that I gained my surname from / i don't even know wherein he is now” -- when ns heard that line, i went “Oh mine God.” The thing around that track is, it’s open, but it shocked me just how many people reached out to me to say, “This is mine life” -- so numerous people.