After obtaining your first boss soul, you might be tempted to immediately consume it for the extra souls. If these an effective souls will substantially increase the amount of souls girlfriend have, friend can also use castle in the production of unique weapons.

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To develop these ceo weapons, an initial upgrade a an easy weapon that your selection to +10, and also then ascend it utilizing the boss soul. Each boss spirit has particular weapon species that you can use.

To see a perform of which weapons can be offered with each soul, check out the wiki.

The entire procedure confused me a little bit at first, yet I’ll explain the best ways to create these weapons.

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1. Upgrade your weapon to +5

After you have actually chosen i m sorry weapon you’d prefer to create, you must upgrade it come the +5 level. In stimulate to carry out this, you’ll need a total of 9 Titanite Shards.

The easiest way to gain these shards is to buy them from Blacksmith Andre because that 800 souls each. Of course every one of the blacksmiths offer Titanite Shards, yet Andre is the very first one you’ll encounter.

You may not want to spare any kind of souls for purchasing the shards just yet, and also if so you deserve to farm the shards instead. My favorite method to farm yard them is to kill the Balder Knights in the church close by Blacksmith Andre.

The easiest means to gain to that location is to take it the elevator faster way from the Firelink Shrine to the church. Fortunately, these shards space really simple to obtain.

Once her weapon is sit at +5, move on come the next step.

2. Upgrade your weapon come +10


Upgrading your weapon to +6 requires a pair more measures than it take it to get to +5, however it’s a pretty an easy process.

Obtain the big ember

When ns upgraded my very first weapon to +5, I uncovered that the video game wouldn’t permit me upgrade to +6. The factor for this is that ns hadn’t provided the big Ember come Andre yet.

To attain this ember, you require to venture to the kitchen in the Depths. There is a chest that has the ember near the first butcher you encounter.

Ascend the weapon past +5

Once the ember is in her inventory, you need to give it to Blacksmith Andre. Girlfriend will notice that the weapon quiet doesn’t present up in the update screen. To deal with this, push the Ascend option, which permits you to upgrade it to +6.

Farm for part shards

Now that you have everything set up, it’s time come get more shards. This time, you’ll require 8 big Titanite Shards. There are a couple of ways to obtain these shards, but both call for some farming.

The first way is to buy them native Crestfallen vendor in Sen’s Fortress or large Blacksmith in Anor Londo. The much better price is readily available by huge Blacksmith, that sells them because that 3,800 souls each. Top top the various other hand, Crestfallen merchant sells them for 4,000.

The second method is to farm yard them indigenous the Berenike Knight. This opponent is found on the rooftops of Sen’s Fortress, and also is close to the bonfire for rapid respawning. They have actually a high opportunity of dropping large Titanite Shards, therefore it’s worth it to farm yard them.

Upgrading the weapon to +10

With your shards in hand, it’s time to upgrade her weapon come the proper level. Of course you’re welcome to update the weapon as you attain the shards, however that will require running earlier to the blacksmith for each upgrade.

You will additionally need a huge number the souls to totally upgrade the weapon, therefore consume some souls you’ve choose up along the way. Other boss souls girlfriend don’t setup on using room also an excellent to consume. Simply make sure you save the ones girlfriend want.

3. Ascend to a ceo weapon

Now it’s finally time because that the easiest step – ascending your boss weapon. This is the part where you rotate your base weapon right into the an effective boss weapon.

To perform this, simply visit the gigantic Blacksmith in Anor Londo. Walk to the ascend option, and you must see her weapon in the list. Your weapon have the right to be ascended for the price the the ceo soul and 5,000 souls.

4. Update your boss weapon

With your brand new boss weapon ultimately complete, it’s time to update it! The means you update this weapon is by utilizing 10 Demon Titanite. This form of titanite is harder to acquire than the various other 2, but there room some good ways to get some.

The best means to obtain a large amount is by farming the Titanite Demon in lost Izalith. The Titanite Demon in Anor Londo will provide you two titanite, however he doesn’t respawn.

The one in lost Izalith walk respawn, and also each kill will certainly net you 2 Demon Titanite. These adversaries are often very an overwhelming to defeat, therefore a short level character will certainly probably have actually a many trouble farming them.

There are other various methods of obtaining Demon Titanite, such as trading v Snuggly. Commerce Dung Pies or Prism Stones will give you 1 Demon Titanite.

Two can additionally be discovered inside a room in Anor Londo. This room organize 3 silver- Knights that are maintaining watch end a chest v the titanite inside.

Are these tools worth getting?

Whether this weapons are worth the initiative or no really comes down to her motives and personal preference. Some civilization think the ceo weapons are awesome, and also others just want to have them for their collection.

In Dark Souls, you can really use any weapon you want for the game. If you really prefer the look and also feel that a particular boss weapon, then you should certainly use it.

Some of this weapons have actually really cool powers, such as the Dragonslayer Spear the launches bolts that lightning. Many of them just have powerful attacks the are far better than typical weapons.

Since it have the right to take girlfriend a while to farm yard all the materials, plenty of Dark Souls players consider boss weapons to not be precious the effort. Do a tiny research ~ above the weapon you are considering before you create it. That way you won’t be disappointed if it isn’t as great as it looks.

You can always consume the souls


If you decide the none of the ceo weapons space appealing to you, climate you could always use them to rise your soul count. The variety of souls these provide you variety from 1,200 souls to 20,000.

Consuming several of this at once will offer you thousands of souls you deserve to use come level up, and also sometimes provide an ext benefits than boss weapons will.

This is the finest option if girlfriend never arrangement on using any type of of the boss weapons. I discover myself consuming them an ext often than not. The boost in level can help you progress even faster, and also requires much much less time 보다 farming for a bunch that titanite.


Boss souls are a nice straightforward element of Dark Souls: you one of two people consume castle or usage them to develop weapons. Spend them is the easiest course possible, while developing boss weapons will take it a couple of steps more.

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The farming process can be a bit difficult, especially when it comes time to gain the Demon Titanite. If you understand that the weapon you space going for is a really great one, farming it deserve to be well worth it.