There are countless tools and also suites design to aid the security practitioner and also the organization in implementing and managing change management. In this lab, girlfriend explored 2 such tools for the windows platform: group Policy Objects (built into the home windows operating systems) and also the Microsoft defense Baseline Analyzer (provided free of charge). You used group Policy Objects to combine the organization’s password plan by adding complexity and minimum password length requirements. You scanned the windows server through the Microsoft Baseline protection Analyzer (MBSA) to evaluate its protection state, and you examined the results of the Microsoft Baseline defense Analyzer in detail.

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Lab Assessment questions & Answers1. Specify why adjust control monitoring is relevant to protection operations in an organization.Keeping increase with technology advances, newly found vulnerabilities, and system updates are done through adjust control management.

2. Name six (6) plans you could permit in a windows Domain. Force password history, preferably Password Age, Minimum Password Age, Minimum Password Length, store Password utilizing reversible encryption and Password have to meet complexity requirements.

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3. What is the minimum password length implemented by the Password must meet intricacy requirements policy?Six

4. What sources can you usage as a source to perform the MBSA defense state? computer system by surname or IP and multiple computers by Domain or IP Range

5. What are several of the choices that you deserve to exercise once initiating the MBSA scan? girlfriend can inspect for Windows governmental vulnerabilities and also for defense updates

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