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We came across another an excellent Delta mileage run from brand-new York’s JFK. It’s a quick trip to las Vegas in key Cabin — and projected to knife 9,861 MQM for just under $285.

The vital to this mileage run is connecting in Seattle — both ~ above the way to Vegas and also the ride back home.

Several dates are obtainable in may — however only one (May 11) doesn’t require continuing to be overnight in Sin City. (But if you’re in search of a midweek getaway and also want come crash for a night in Vegas, here’s a great opportunity. Maybe burn part IHG Rewards society Premier credit transaction Card bonus points end at Venetian or cash in some totally free nights at an MGM Resorts building with World that Hyatt credit Card points.)

May 11 is the only day not inquiry an overnight stay.

Here’s what the run looks like:


There room some courses through ATL and also LAX i m sorry cost about the very same — however yield a few hundred fewer miles. The tradeoff, though, is girlfriend might be able to snag an update to a lie-flat bed. ATL is running part flights top top 767-400s equipped with Delta One Suites. LAX come JFK is activate on 767-300s v Delta One lie-flats.

Keep in mind the Centurion Lounge access is minimal to passenger on departing flights — and then only three hrs (or less) before departure time.

If you’re thinking about The society (Priority Pass), that is website claims that the lounge is closed and no reopening info is available.

Because Delta is awarding 50% MQM and MQD bonuses on main Cabin trips, this expedition is projected come earn roughly 9,861 MQM and $333 MQD. The going price is $284.40.

“Hey! How about Something from another Delta City!”

If you want help planning a mileage operation from your hometown or miscellaneous tailored simply for you, get in touch with our friends in ~ Juicy Miles. In fact, they have actually a Delta expert who will personally craft the most ideal mileage run approximately your parameters.


And, heck, conserve money! Pay with Membership Rewards points v Juicy Miles’ brand-new American express partnership.

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