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People stated that prepare the adjustment of status, petition, and also sponsorship applications was a walk in the park. This is not true if you"ve no done it prior to as my two attempts to be both rejected by the government. This is when I turned to an immigration consultant a girlfriend recommended.I put Di Tru Thanh mine in the driver"s seat. Lock navigated the process smoothly and efficiently for very reasonable consulting fees.My mam now has actually her environment-friendly card, our daughter just received her immigrant Visa, and our child is in line to be sponsored.That"s household reunification! thank you mine Nguyen!

I resided in vietnam for the past 12 years. Only involved the States when needed. For this reason my case was complex on all fronts once it concerns sponsoring my mam to the US. I required a place where they know what they are doing for this reason I spent a month in the us from LA to mountain Jose researching. Ns finally pertained to this office ~ above a referral native my own sister that used this organization when she come from VN through her daughter. Say thanks to God and also Thanh mine office my mam is right here in the soil of free now. This office works along side through you and also keep you notify on what needed. My wife was really comfortable with their branch that office in v Vn as soon as they help her through the interview because that the immigrant visa. Money well spent.

My wife and also I are totally satisfied v the organization this office has actually done because that us. Whatever was explained from A-Z just how the procedure works and the approximated time it would certainly take because that my then fiancé to come to the US. Follow me the means all the questions I had was reply in a timely manner. The took less than 6 months from the work I come in the office to the day my fiancé came to the US. We room truly grateful for the service listed and now we have actually our son! I would recommend to anyone trying to find a professional service.

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I took a possibility on this place and glad I gave them a shot. I had actually no suffer with this whole process regarding K1 visa and also Di Tru Thanh my was very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. The estimated time to get a K1 Visa interview was about 6-9 months and I to be able to get mine done in 6 month (this really relies on your situation). From that point on, i was able to obtain my mam her EAD/AP application processed and also approved in 3 months and 2 months later to complete the green Card application/Interview because that a full of 5 month after obtaining her to America on the K1 Visa. Again, this timeline really counts on your specific situation (no criminal records, secure job, jae won background)Chi my was likewise helpful through pointing me in the ideal direction regarding paper work with Social Security and also any prior questions I had actually throughout the whole process.I"m sure anybody can fill out the paperwork and administer the crucial supporting documents/evidence to complete the application, but for me, i didn"t want the process to be delayed since of clerical errors or lacking paperwork. Therefore in the respect, if you deserve to afford it, ns would placed this paperwork handling in the hands of a processional and also it paid turn off for me. Thanks again!