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by Doug Stanhope (Author), Johnny Depp (Foreword)

Here it is, Doug"s book. It"s good. Buy it here and Doug will also sign it. This publication is only available in hardcover.

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*Doug is on tour v some Horrible people right now and also we"ve operation out the signed duplicates of his book at the store. Signed publications will be available again after ~ October 18.


Praise because that Doug Stanhope and also Digging increase Mother"Doug Stanhope has been just one of the best comics in the civilization for a very long time, and he only gets far better with time. The fact that that is not hugely renowned is a an option entirely his own and a gift he provides to the pan who space able to discover him in the shadows that the actual world. I"ve only ever heard people say two things around Doug: 1) "He"s the fucking greatest!" 2) "I don"t know who that is." I"m never ever going to review this book due to the fact that I am too self-absorbed. Yet if you have actually room in her heart, pour Doug in and also it will delightfully blacken. This fucking dude is funny and thoughtful and generously careless, and also I love city hall him. An excellent guy, too."—Louis C.K."Dear Jews that run present business: Please provide Doug Stanhope a primetime show."—Sarah Silverman"Doug might be the most essential stand-up functioning today."—Ricky Gervais

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Doug Stanhope is one of the most critically acclaimed and stridently unrepentant comedians of his generation. What will surprise some is the he owes so much of his dark and also sometimes uncomfortably honest sense of feeling to his mother, Bonnie. It was the cartoons in she Hustler magazine concerns that molded the starts of his comedic journey, long before he to be old sufficient to understand what to carry out with the actual pornography. It to be Bonnie that recited Monty Python sketches with him, who introduced him to Richard Pryor at ripe years old, and who rescued the from a psychologist when he lugged that brand of feeling to school. And also it to be Bonnie that took him follow me to all of her AA meetings wherein Doug undoubtedly uncovered inspiration because that his own story-telling. Bonnie"s own journey from bar-tending to truck driving, massage therapy, elder abuse, and also stand-up comedy and also acting never stopped she from gift Doug"s actual number one fan. So as soon as Bonnie"s alcoholic, hoarding life finally pertained to an end, so many weird adventures later in countryside Arizona, the was inevitable that Doug and also Bonnie would be together for one last journey. Digging up Mother complies with Doug"s absurd, chaotic, and often obscene life together it intersects v that the his best friend, biggest fan, and also love the his life, his mother Bonnie. And also it every starts with her death, one of the many memorable and also amazing farewells friend will ever before read.

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Doug Stanhope

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