The UV light ray of the sun reach the skin in two different forms, which are: a. UVB rays and gamma raysb. UVA rays and X-raysc. UVA and UVB raysd. X-rays and also gamma rays

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Which of the following problems is defined by distended or dilated surface ar blood vessels? a. Maculaeb. Fissuresc. Excoriationd. Telangiectasias

A _____ is one abnormal cell mass that varies in size, color, and shape. A. Nevusb. Tumorc. Pustuled. Scale

A thick scar result from extreme growth of fibrous organization is recognized as a: a. Verrucab. Stainc. Skin tagd. Keloid

Benign, keratin-filled cysts discovered under the epidermis the resemble tiny sesame seeds are called: a. Keloidsb. Acnec. Nodulesd. Milia

A skin disorder identified by chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands brought about from preserved secretions is: a. Anhidrosisb. Rosaceac. Telangiectasiasd. Acne

Which that the following is a generic clinical term offered to define an abnormal inflammatory problem of the skin? a. Chloasmab. Sensitizationc. Bromhidrosisd. Dermatitis

If a person has pink eyes, silky white hair, and also pinkish white skin the does not tan, that or she has actually which condition? a. Nevusb. Hyperpigmentationc. Albinismd. Chloasma

The most common form of skin cancer led to by overexposure to the sun is: a. Squamous cell carcinomab. Basal cabinet carcinomac. Malignant melanomad. Pituitary adenoma

What does the B in the ABCDE Cancer Checklist stand for? a. Balanceb. Bordersc. Buildingd. Brightness

Hyperhidrosis is characterized by: a. Tiny red vesicles and burning, itching skinb. A absence of sweatingc. Excessive sweatingd. Foul-smelling perspiration

Propionibacterium acnes space anaerobic, which method they: a. Cause the heart rate to decreaseb. Need oxygen to survivec. Cannot survive in the visibility of oxygend. Reason the heart price to increase

Which that the adhering to is one extrinsic skin-aging factor? a. Sun exposureb. Hereditary agingc. Gravityd. Facial expressions

UVA rays: a. Stop penetration at the basic of the epidermisb. Undermine collagen fibersc. Combine elastin fibersd. Cause the bulk of skin cancers

Which of the following people would be many susceptible to sunlight damage? a. A person with environment-friendly eyes and red hairb. A human being with blue eyes and brown hairc. A human being with hazel eyes and also black haird. A human with brown eyes and blonde hair

Sensitization is resulted in by: a. A medication that creates sensitivity to a different substanceb. Repeated exposure to a substancec. An inborn allergy to a substanced. Absence of exposure come a substance

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To stop irritant call dermatitis, it is recommended that you: a. Dry your hands with a linen towel after washing themb. Wash her hands as regularly as possiblec. Use protective hand cream after ~ washing her handsd. Usage sanitizing gel instead of washing your hands