Myles Kennedy

DALLAS, TX (August 12, 2016) – Disturbed pan faithfully stood exterior in the 100+ degree Texas warmth at Gexa power Pavilion on Friday night , waiting to show this insane lineup why Dallas is among the finest locations come entertain!

Saint Asonia, fronted by previous 3 Days elegant singer, Adam Gontier, started the night turn off with “Fairy Tale’. This got the group of close to 20,000 walking strong. They adhered to with “King of Nothing” and “Dying Slowly” before breaking into one that Adam’s older 3 job Grace song “Just choose You”. Fans went crazy, singing back to Gontier as loud as they can possibly muster. They adhered to with one much more of Gontiers enlarge songs, “I dislike Everything about You” and closed v “Better Place” and also “Let Me Live my Life.”After the taste that Saint Asonia, there to be a identify energy structure in anticipation of what was yet come come. As mark Tremonti led change Bridge top top the stage, fans were gaining fired up and ready come go. Myles Kennedy struggle the stage and also owned it because that the next seven songs. His voice was golden and point out on as he started with “Come come Life”. The set included “Farther”, “Ties”, “Isolation”, “Metalingus”, “Blackbird” and a all time favourite “Rise Today”. Although the short set left pan wanting because that more, they were excited to hear change Bridge will be play again in Dallas top top October 7th in ~ the residence of Blues.

Benjamin Burnley

Following, was the very anticipated breaking Benjamin. Although they performed in ~ BFD 2015 in Dallas, a lot of fans had not checked out the band since their hiatus in early 2010. This was because of health problems that Benjamin Burnley had been facing. They began with a group favorite, “So Cold”, i m sorry had practically every on in attendance singing each and also every indigenous of the song. They played 13 much more songs, among of which were “Angels Fall”, “Sooner or Later” and ” punch Me Away”. Following that, they went into an ode come Star Wars, playing the “Imperial March”, which lead right into other covers such together “Schism” by

Tool and “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. However, the highlight of your cover track segment was when they played tribute to Dallas indigenous rock band Pantera by having actually Dave Draiman that Disturbed join them ~ above stage and perform “Walk”. Through this allude fans were totally consumed by this crazy ensemble that Breaking Benjamin had played, however, lock weren’t fairly done. They went on to play “Polamorous”, “Ashes the Eden”, “Believe”, “Breath”, “Failure”, “I will certainly Not back Down”, special Adam Gontier, “Until The End” and closed v “The Diary the Jane”. The crowd to be so in sync to sing the lyrics, Benjamin could have stopped and also just allow the crowd take it lead. What one astonishing sound, almost 20,000 fans, singing with such emotion, sent chills under your spine. As a say thanks to you lock approached the front leaf of the stage, tossed their etc picks and also drum sticks before taking a bow.Although breaking Benjamin’s set was amazing, everyone was prepared for the headliner, Disturbed. A video clip played as the intro for the guys to come to the stage. The crowed screamed almost in


unison for their favorite band to emerge. Disturbed was around to melt Dallas and also rebuild the city. They began the show with “10,000 Fits” and PYRO!, their pyrotechnic show. This alone is well worth the ticket price! Disturbed never allows fans down through their set of old and new songs. They additionally have a stage visibility that leaves everyone talking around the show for days. After the flames died, the band came earlier with “The Game” and also “The Vengeful One”, v even much more flames and explosions. Base player, man Moyer, played to the pan as well, with his high jumps and also lavish slaps to the bass, all while thumping the end the fast paced bass lines to “Prayer”, “Liberate”, and “Land that Confusion”, a cover track by Genesis. Performing “Stupify”, they took the fans right into the mind of singer, Dave Draiman, and then slowed it under a little with “The Sound of Silence”. An original song by Simon & Garfunkel, it yes, really showcases the vocal control that Draiman possesses. As the band breaks under in acoustic guitars, Draiman allows his voice become the main instrument. They climate picked ago up with “Inside the Fire”, “Stricken”, “Indestructible”, “Voices” and also closed the night through “Down with the Sickness”. If you were able to get on your feet, you to be on her feet.

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Theses artists played their heart and souls out to the crowd in Dallas and they will never ever be the same.

You have actually a couple of more possibilities left to grab part tickets and catch this tour before they take a break. The remaining dates: