I am truly stuck and irritated v this quest. I looked up what I need to do come actually finish the quest, but nothing I carry out will make that fucking salamander speak to me. I have actually sebille (elf rogue through the scholar tag) through fanes shifter mask, and also even after I shift into lizard form and respec at the lady to have pet pal, no issue what I do the fucking thing ignores me. I can talk to and also interact with the chest just fine, however the lizard refuses to speak to me no matter what. Fane and the red prince space no longer obtainable as party members. Whatever I have actually seen says that this have to work, however it wont. HELP!!!!


I simply teleport it away from the fire, and attack/break the chest to get it over with. I average in the grand system of things, if the quest gives a little bit the xp it's nothing compared to what you need to acquire one an ext level up in Arx. So simply break it and take what friend can gain from it instead then continue the video game rather than stress over a stupid chest in i m sorry the components probably won't matter 2 level ups later.

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Anyway, if friend really want to obtain it to work, possibly it's bec Sebille isn't your main character? I average that's the case for teacher Lora so just maybe...

You need to have a lizard with pet pal and also scholar to speak to the lizard, that doesn’t have to be your key though. In my recent play-through he talked to the red prince ~ I provided him pets pal simply for that due to the fact that the shapeshift mask doesn’t work... Maybe due to the fact that he smells you and can tell.

Thank you. Im simply going to offer up ~ above the salamander completely and smash the chest open. I dont have any type of lizards in my party, and it is now impossible to obtain one. I think its bs the the game developers made a search that have the right to only he perfect if you make a lizard or use the red prince.

From what i understand, the salamander will just talk come a true Lizard. You can perhaps acquire a mercenary on Lady Vengeance simply for this pursuit (not sure it'd work, I just did it when I had actually the Red Prince v petpal). I'm not sure you require the scholar tag also or not (which is probably not a point on mercenaries ns guess ? never ever used them much).

That's the only way I see you have the right to make it occupational (if that works). However as jazy921 said, the chest in itself isn't that much worth that (unless friend can't stand the red flag on her map as soon as you leaving ACT2, I deserve to understand the :p)

I simply killed the fucking salamander, difficulty solved.

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You have to be a lizard and have pet pal talent to have the ability to speak through it.


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