February 1, 20214 Min Read

Apparel Event: residents Evil

The Resident evil Apparel Event starts on February second and supplies agents an possibility to knife a repertoire of iconic apparel items.

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September 30, 20215 Min Read

SHD Spotlight: certified dealer StageWorks

We room excited to bring you a new instance of SHD Spotlight because that this month! This is a series articles in which we highlight the creation, inspiration, and involvement the passionate members of our community.


August 31, 20213 Min Read

Season 7 – end of clock Returns!

Faye Lau and also her rogue sublieutenant return September 7th as soon as Season 7 that The department 2: Warlords of brand-new York walk live. Read about the season's target and rewards.


August 25, 20212 Min Read

Agent Highlights: throughout the horizon

Once again our neighborhood have proven to show us motivating creations native The Division’s universe, however we have additionally seen a climb in creations featured native some amazing crossovers.

July 29, 20213 Min Read

Agent Highlights: Summer of SHD

It’s obtaining hot in the D.C. Summer, but that won’t protect against our specialized members the SHD native flexing your creativity.

July 22, 20211 Min Read

Up come 70% turn off The department 2 because that our take trip Sale!

Play in new worlds & take it in the sights

June 24, 20213 Min Read

Agent Highlights: Agents of Action

June’s certified dealer Highlights room here! let’s welcome summer v a look in ~ our Agent’s an innovative works.

June 1, 20213 Min Read

Season 6 – surprise Agenda is back!

Season 6 that The division 2: Warlords of brand-new York is live, see Bardon Schaeffer and also his black Tusk formation of Rogue agents return. Examine in on your targets and rewards this season.

May 27, 20213 Min Read

Agent Highlights: irradiate & Darkness

It’s the time once again, agents! Our neighborhood is constantly flexing their an imaginative muscles with a range of mediums, so we want to take the time to highlight few of their work from May!

April 29, 20216 Min Read

Agent Highlights – A virtual Photography special!

This month we want to do something a little different through our agent Highlights. We have determined to change our emphasis to the use of Photo setting within The division 2 recorded by our talented community.

March 25, 20213 Min Read

Agent Highlights: Fanart, Rogues, Cosplays and a closeup the the essential department Agent kit

For this month ours agents when again mutual their an imaginative work again and also today we are thrilled to highlight a couple of of your amazing creations, digital photos and also Cosplays from March!

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Endgame Trailer

This isn't the end, Agents. The fight for our city has only just begun. Welcome to The division 2 Endgame.

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More top top Endgame

Read an ext about Endgame Specializations, black color Tusks, and also the fight come reclaim D.C.