No, chickens execute not have actually lips. Chickens room birds, and as such, they have actually a beak in ar of lips that much better serve them. Lock don’t have actually teeth either, although they do have actually tongues.

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It’s not as stunner of a inquiry as it very first sounds, either. After all, lips are essential for us so why don’t other animals and birds have actually them?

In this article, I’ll explain why we need lips and chickens don’t!

Why Don’t chicken (And various other Birds) have actually Lips?

This is an exciting question. Very first of all, lock obviously don’t need lips if castle don’t have any.

Secondly, it’s much easier if us look in ~ why we have lips and what we usage them for and work backward.

Here are the main reasons why we (and many mammals) have actually lips;

So we can nurse from our mother as babiesThey provide a sensory barrier against things going into our mouths we don’t wantWe use them to assist us type sounds and speak clearlyWe get pleasure indigenous the sensations 

Just looking at those 4 points, it’s simple to view why bird don’t have actually lips.

Chickens nothing nurse or breastfeed, they no as most likely to eat other unwanted, lock don’t speak (although chickens deserve to make a number of different sounds), and also they don’t derive pleasure together we do.

This is just one of the many differences between mammals and birds that provides perfect sense once you look at how we both function.

How do Chickens Eat without Lips?


They eat simply fine there is no lips. In fact, their beaks space much an ext useful for the type of foods they eat in the wild.

This is because chickens use their beaks come peck, forage, scratch around, and also break up food prior to eating it.

A most what castle eat requirements to be foraged for, cracked, broken into, or smashed. Obviously, we’re maybe to usage our hands and tools to execute these things. Chickens aren’t maybe to.

With the help of a small tongue, they then let the food pass under their esophagus right into their crop. The chop is basically a stop area, regularly noticeable as a big bulge around the breast area.

When ready, i beg your pardon is commonly overnight, the food then passes from their crop into their stomach.

In their stomach they have actually an organ called a gizzard, i beg your pardon is basically a strong muscle.

They usage their gizzard to “chew” up food through the assist of rough grit. Chicken don’t have teeth, remember. This is exactly how they rest up food for digestion.

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Why space Beaks much better Than Lips because that Chickens?

Just think about how stunner a chicken would certainly look with a pair of lips!

Ok, jokes aside. Chickens and also birds have progressed to have beaks due to the fact that it’s the finest tool they have the right to have because that the things they do.

In fact, beaks have actually been necessary for their survival end the years. It’s thought that birds an initial had teeth, however evolved to have beaks together it was far better for your survival.

This is due to the fact that as I spanned above, having a difficult beak enables them to discover food without the use of hands. Things like cracking nuts and also grains or the difficult shells top top edible creatures wouldn’t otherwise it is in possible.

Beaks likewise come in handy for being able to dig and also find worms and also other insects – imagine make the efforts to perform that with lips!

Another really important factor – back this doesn’t apply to chickens in the same means as a the majority of other bird – is that beaks assist them v flight.

Birds should be light to fly, i beg your pardon is why they also have hollow bones. Beaks are lot lighter than teeth, for example, and a lot much more aerodynamic than lips.

When friend think of all the reasons why receipt are much better suited to birds than lips it every starts to make perfect sense, doesn’t it?

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In summary – execute Chickens have Lips?

I expect you took pleasure in this article and also now recognize why chickens carry out not have actually lips, and also why lock much better off v their beaks.

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The ingredient they usage their beaks for just wouldn’t be possible with lips. Lock wouldn’t have the ability to dig increase tasty (for them) insects and bugs, crack shells, and also scratch around on the floor through lips.

Likewise, we wouldn’t have the ability to survive there is no lips!


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Image credits – Header photo by Collin Leynau, rooster photo by chuttersnaponUnsplash