Shea Butter Shelf Life & Storage

We regularly get asked how to store Raw, unstable Shea Butter correctly, and what the shelf life is. We decided to compose a considerable article around this the will help you in maintaining the life of this skin wonder.

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Updated together of 2019!

If you haven’t check out much about Shea Butter yet- you’ll desire to read this article!



Shea Butter Shelf Life

The usual shelf life of unstable shea butter is about 24 month (2 years) from the day of manufacture and also packaging. This is an almost right shelf life affected by storage and temperature. The last two are an extremely important to save in mind!

Unrefined shea butter is 100% natural, through no preventive added, so that can take place that one batch or harvest will provide a slightly different shea than another. Through unrefined Shea butter- there are no chemicals included so one can expect some differentiation in your butter native time come time.

When shea butter is in transit indigenous Ghana to the US, or as soon as our shea butter packages space en-route to the various warehouses that offer Amazon and also our website sales, temperature manage is not feasible 100% the the times. In a perfect world, it would certainly be- but it’s not!

These factors impact how long shea butter can last, however, take into consideration that 2 years is the mean time you have the right to safely use Shea to moisturize and also nourish your skin.



How come tell if your Shea Butter has Expired


First and also foremost- if that smells rancid, her shea butter is not good anymore. However, if friend are brand-new to Unrefined, raw Shea Butter, you may mistake its characteristic nutty and also smokey odor for rancidness. We’ll try to expand on this and go end in an ext detail the difference between rancid smell and smokey smell:

Rancid smell: renders you gag, reminds friend of olive oil gone negative or food gone bad. If her shea butter smells rancid, toss it. It would certainly be putrid, you’d know!

Smokey smell: This is a scorched smell, close come the smell of when you fire up her barbecue or burn wood. Some batches are more nutty/smokey 보다 others, yet ALL unrefined shea has actually a detectable smokey smell. If your shea butter smells smokey, you have actually the genuine thing! Unrefined, pure, and ready come use!



Shea Butter storage – and should you placed it in the fridge?

Shea Butter can be save on computer in several various containers, indigenous a zip lock plastic bag to a plastic container v a lid, come a glass seasoned or container. As long as you are maintaining the air out- you are good to go! our brand come sealed in food great plastic, which is then put inside a resealable craft bag. If you usage our shea butter, you have the right to simply scoop part out the the plastic wrap, then loosely close the plastic, then location it back in the handmade bag and also seal the one.

As an alternative, you can scoop it out of the plastic bag and place that in one or much more containers of your choice. Plastic containers room lighter and also do not break as conveniently as glass, however, glass containers are more insulating and also sturdy.

Regardless of the container friend use, shea butter have to be save on computer in a pantry, far from direct heat. Do not leave the on a table by a clear window, close to a cooktop or heater element. Miscellaneous to note if you prefer to store a container of shea butter on your desk and if your workdesk is near the sun! The finest you keep it, the longer it will last!

Consider that once the temperature reaches 75F, shea butter will begin to soften up and also melt together the temperature rises. If girlfriend live in a zone wherein your home temperature is is higher than 75F, we imply you location the shea butter in the refrigerator to avoid consistent melting and solidifying as that will result in grainy shea butter (see our considerable blog around grainy shea and also how to deal with it).

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Unrefined Shea Butter storage and shelf life is quickly learned. Stick to our storage tips, and also make your shea butter critical as long as possible.

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