While cleaning your kitchen pantry, friend come throughout a tonic water container the is sit there for months, and you discover yourself with a question, walk tonic water go bad?

Well, possibly you no cleaning, yet this concern is certainly worth recognize answers.

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So what is tonic water?

An ingredient that provides cocktails mouth-watering or transforms a pure glass of water through lime into a refreshing lime treat, tonic water is an everyday household essential. However does happen time do it unsafe come drink?

So just how long walk tonic water last? Fortunately, like many carbonated drink such as soda, tonic water have the right to last for a long time.

But that relies on whether it is opened or no as the peak quality stays for a limited time in an opened up tonic water bottle.

This article provides insights around the storage and shelf life of tonic water, and if friend are trying to find the same answers, analysis on would be the best choice.

How long Does Tonic Water Last? does Tonic Water walk Bad?


Like every product, tonic water additionally has a best-by date, which allows you know just how long you deserve to expect before the high quality weakens.

But many unopened bottles obtain past the best-by date by couple of months and still retain your bubbly quality.

To make things even better, there are insurance claims by world that perfectly undamaged sealed bottles likewise last for years. That sounds so much encouraging if you do discover an old tonic water bottle in her kitchen.

But when opened, the quality changes drastically, and more often, it will certainly last for a job or 2 at room temperature.

Storing tonic water in the refrigerator sustains the flavor for a few days, which additionally ensures the the bubbly nature is quiet intact.

But with time, tonic water accident its bubbliness and also becomes flat, i beg your pardon is no ideal, specifically if you want to mix it through gin or grenadine.

The water is still safe to drink, however with all its potent high quality loss, it would certainly be finest if girlfriend discard it.

The best place to save tonic water is in a dry and also dark place and away native heat. Straight sunlight is likewise not healthy and balanced for her tonic water together it loss the quality.

And because that an opened bottle, storing it in a refrigerator is the perfect option, together it retains its qualities and keeps the chilled.

How come Tell if Tonic Water Is Bad? Tonic Water Shelf Life!


One of the finest qualities the tonic water is the reality that it never goes totally bad. Also if you uncover it flat and also watery, it remains perfectly for sure for drinking.

However, you must prevent contaminants from acquiring inside the bottle, i beg your pardon is no a healthy sign for you as well.

Our feeling of odor is a good weapon and by making use of it, we can identify a bad tonic water party as well. If your tonic water is publication an uncomfortable odor, it would certainly be ideal to discard it.

Then there space visual indications as well. Take a glass and pour some part of your tonic water, and check if over there is any type of discoloration. If you an alert a yellowish tint, that is better to get a new pack that tonic water.

The final step is come taste the tonic water. In ~ times, the water may not exhibition visual and odor indications, however if you find the taste to it is in flat, you may choose to discard it.

However, together we stated earlier, it is completely safe in this condition even if it tastes flat.

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Tonic water is an excellent substitute, even for distilled water. When an unopened bottle deserve to last because that years, you could want to think about the above information in enhancing your tonic water’s shelf life.