Draw all of the stereoisomers the are possible for 1,2,3 -cyclopentanetriol. Brand their chirality centers and say which room enantiomers and also which are diastereomers.(FIGURE cannot COPY)(Hint: few of the isomers save on computer a "pseudoasymmetric center," one that has two possible configurations, every affording a different stereoisomer, cach of which is the same to its winter image. Together stereoisomers deserve to only be identified by the bespeak of attachment of $R$ matches $S$ teams at the pseudoasymmetric center. Of this the $R$ team is given greater priority than the $S$, and this patent assignment of configuration together $r$ or $s$, lowercase letter being used to clues the pseudoasymmetry.)

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draw all possible Syria Isis nerves because that 123 cycled contain their old till which compounds space in undiminished. I beg your pardon compounds room dance Terminix. So each off Coburn forage increase or down. Therefore there 3 centers in all possible graphs quantities toe eight. That's true the third. So now in green, they're every egg pictures. Now let's determine configurations off every those centers. If construction is no show, that is no factor to consider here. If the distinction is just or s are existing priority. And also the center is Souder. Cairo. Therefore it's a tiny s is opposed to the actual kind of center. And this one is tiny s this month. Tiny are this one is little arms so the pseudo coyote centers? No, it's figured out compounds which are mouth carnal. It's the airplane of symmetry in the compounds which assure by the check mark lock look auto No. One, 2 54 Those two structures, they room identical. If friend sleep one of them through 18 degrees, you'll get the various other one. Therefore those two structures respond come the exact same miracle. And also those two structures additionally respond come the very same monocle. Therefore it's come phone number one number one Number two. Number 2 that compounds that zoster compiles in Braille. There room Londoners. If you location them alongside each other, they will be near images and, not surprisingly, the opposite. And those 2 compounds there, additionally in an intimate that have opposite senators and also opposite centers, also includes configuration of the center, i beg your pardon is not sort of center, therefore that would be control.

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Three component for from five Compound six. Therefore the prayers connected with the red line are Ananta Miss and all other prayers off compounds space does termers, their staring eye elements and not near images.