But it’s no the everyday Record’s cub reporter that we’re talking about.

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We were certain we’d to be going to compose this story ages back, so we checked our notes and sure enough the “Miliband rules out Indyref 2” story actually damaged 18 days ago.


“Ed Miliband yesterday ruled the end a second independence ­referendum if that becomes element minister next month.

Another referendum would require the UK conference to agree come a move of powers to contact the vote under ar 30 the the Scotland action 1998.

Asked if he would certainly agree to such a move, Miliband said: ‘No, this was settled. Anyone said prior to the ­referendum the this to be a when in a ­generation decision. You can’t move the goalposts after ~ the result."”

But the story didn’t it seems to be ~ to gain much traction, and also so Miliband appears to have held off until the dumbest possible moment to provide it another bash. And also the factor it’s the dumbest possible moment can be discovered in a fascinating focus-group report that was released on the website that Tory pollster lord Ashcroft yesterday.

The report claimed this of SNP supporters:

“One thing nobody claimed the party need to push for, and very couple of said castle wanted, was an early 2nd independence referendum.

We require to move on. Ns think everyone’s identified that’; ‘I vote Yes however I don’t think you can keep having actually referendums till you acquire the answer girlfriend want. Apart from anything else, if us voted for independence civilization would then begin saying they wanted a referendum to sign up with the Union. It need to be a generational thing, no every few years.’” 

Conversely, it found this the non-SNP supporters:

“By no method all our participants were now planning to poll SNP. Some experienced the party together divisive and also untrustworthy and also did not assistance the self-reliance agenda. Yet those reasoning of voting SNP because that the first time frequently had appointments of their own. There were three key concerns.

One was the the party would try to re-open the independence question, creating an ext uncertainty and also fuelling a bitter debate that people wanted to think was cleared up for now: ‘They might shot to command us back into the self-reliance thing, which would certainly be rather frightening for a many people’.”

So what has Miliband achieved? He’s had no impact on civilization planning to poll SNP, that aren’t in as much of a hurry for a second referendum together the media would have actually you think (this is also true that our own anecdotal suffer of talk to SNP supporters, incidentally, due to the fact that they’ve realised two defeats in quick sequence really would placed the mockers ~ above the idea for decades and also want to wait till they’re absolutely sure of victory).

But by promising to block a 2nd indyref, Miliband has actually reassured human being who can be thinking of convert to the SNP yet are right now scared the the prospect of another referendum that it’s now totally safe to poll for the Nats, in the knowledge that Westminster won’t let the happen.

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Never psychic the slim blockheaded, arrogant idiocy that saying the you’ll thwart the autonomous will the the Scottish world should they choose to vote for a party with an additional referendum in their manifesto. Even viewed through a lens that pure momentary self-interest, Ed Miliband has actually just shoot Scottish labour in the face by taking the risk out of one SNP poll for those that were quiet on the fence.